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Sighting Reports 2011

Couple Sees Glowing Orb With no Flashing Lights. Video Taken.

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Witness Stated That Object Moved Erratically.

Still Image Extracted From Video Slightly Enlarged.
Still Image Extracted From Video Slightly Enlarged.

Great Falls is in Western Montana on the East Slopes of Rocky Mountains.
Great Falls is in Western Montana on the East Slopes of Rocky Mountains.

Date of Sighting: July 4, 2011
Time of Sighting: 11:20-11:45 PM MDT
Location of Sighting: Great Falls, Montana (See Map)

Description: Tonight my husband and I saw something strange in the sky that we could not explain. We have an Iphone video of it. It is the Fourth of July and there are fireworks going off around us, but there are no fireworks in this part of the sky and the object travels a significant distance horizontally not vertically like you would expect from a firework ember. We realize that most people will probably say that it is some sort of strange firework gone astray, but as I said it travels a very significant distance horizontally across the sky and it is a glowing pinkish orb. Also we live directly beneath the approach lane for our local international airport and this object flies directly across the approach path for landing planes. We also noticed that it was a glowing orb with no flashing wing or tail lights. We saw this object twice. The first time it disappeared in mid air and the second time is when we got the video. I am not saying that it is a definite UFO, but I thought it might be worth checking in to.

Note: The video is not real compelling, but it documents that the witnesses saw something in the sky that they could not explain.

Comments Received July 12, 2011: I saw the exact same kind of thing also on 4-Jul-2011, in Central New York. I saw three. The first one we thought was a stray firework since it moved vertically from an area that had fireworks, but then it traveled horizontally for quite a distance. Then it disappeared. It disappeared faster each time after. The final time it almost seemed like it saw me and disappeared very fast. It was weird.

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