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Sighting Reports 2011

Man Photographs Strange Blue Light in Night Sky.

Photo of Blue Light Sent by Witness.
Photo of Blue Light Sent by Witness.

Gunter is a Small Town About 40 Miles North of Dallas-Ft. Worth.
Gunter is a Small Town About 40 Miles North of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Date of Sighting: November 19, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9:30 to 10 PM CST
Location of Sighting: Gunter, Texas (See Map)

Description: I went outdoors last night 11-19-11 between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM. As I looked into the northwestern sky I saw what appeared to be a planet, but as I watched it I could see that it was changing colors rapidly and possibly was moving.

At first I dismissed it, but as I continued watching it I was quite sure it was moving. I ran inside and got my camera and tripod. I took several pictures which all show different colors and fairly extreme movement. It was a timed exposure so the movement is noticeable and even through the camera view finder you could see some pretty big movements. This was no planet!

As I was looking at the photos after downloading on high zoom levels one of them shows something really interesting. It looks like a vehicle. It looks like a classic George Adamski flying saucer. The camera is ten or eleven years old and only a 5.3 megapixel, but when you zoom way in, right at the bottom of the large blue flame or exhaust a flying saucer seems to be sitting there.

I have been reading your site now for several years because there seem to be more real sightings listed here and no crazy nonsense.

I have seen and photographed about five of these strange lights over the last three years. I always take photos from a tripod. There is no doubt that these things are moving and changing colors in extreme ways. I have never thought of reporting the previous ones because so many of the same things are already posted on your site. This one is a little different.

See what you think. I sure was not expecting to see the machine, but it looks like it is there.

The camera is an HP 945, 5.3 megapixel about eleven years old. It has a good mechanical zoom which may be about 30X. Digital zoom claims further, but really only seems to crop the image. This is at full mechanical zoom.

Note: The photo shows some movement of the bright light and the stars in the background. A shutter speed of 16 seconds coupled with a 30X zoom might indicate that the streaking (apparent movement) is due to the shifting of the stars as the Earth rotates. However, the light seems to be quite bright and no bright planets were in the area where the witness says that the photo was taken. The brightest celestial object in the northwest was the star Vega. Vega had a magnitude of 0.9 which is probably not bright enough to show up on the above photo. Also stars and planets are not blue! Skies were clear at the time of the photo.

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