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Sighting Reports 2011

F18 Aircraft Flies Overhead.
Then A Large Black Object Hovers Over Treeline & Zips Away.

Sketch of Object on Background of Photo Taken in Direction of Sighting.
Sketch of Object on Background of Photo Taken in Direction of Sighting.
(See Witness Explanation Below.)

Kenmore is a Suburb About 15 Miles Northeast of Downtown Seattle.
Kenmore is a Suburb About 15 Miles Northeast of Downtown Seattle.

Date of Sighting: September 28, 2011
Time of Sighting: 2:15 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Kenmore, Washington (See Map)

Description: I saw something at around 2:15 PM today. I was outside my home on the porch (front of home facing west) when I saw a fighter plane flying north to south. I am guessing that the aircraft was an F-18. I thought this was odd, but a military jet has flown over before so I thought nothing of it other than odd. About 2 minutes after the fighter plane had cleared my line of site on the south, I saw a black, round object hovering over the tree line to the Southwest. I can't quite estimate the distance and size because larger things appear smaller depending on height, but my guess is the object was smaller in size with a lower altitude as opposed to a larger object with higher altitude. It hovered over the treeline in the southwest for about half a minute from the time I spotted it and then flew east. When the object appeared to be hovering, it didn't increase or decrease in size for that period so I believe it really was standing still and was not moving toward or away from me. It took about 3 seconds for the object to cross out of my line of site which I am estimating the distance covered to by a minimum of 1/4 mile and maximum of 1.5 miles. (I am not good at distance estimation. Either way, it took off from a hovering standstill position and moved quick.) I believe that whatever object this was, that it was evading the F-18 which had flown by just minutes before.

Witness Explanation of Sketch:
I have re-created my vantage point outside my home with the following photo. It is 2 photos pasted together because my phone lens cannot capture the entire landscape, hence why one side looks darker than the other, and I have penciled in the object with MS Paint where I first noticed it was located and how large I remember it being in correspondence with where I was standing.

The photo is facing south, so the horizon moves east to west, the left side being east the right side being west. I first noticed it in the Southwest (shown in photo) hovering over the treeline. It appeared perfectly circular and black, with no extensions or lights and if I had to provide a further estimate, I would estimate that it was perhaps close in size to a Volkswagen Beetle. From it's origin where I first noticed it (depicted in picture) after spending almost half a minute hovering, it suddenly moved east (left) and crossed my entire vantage point in about 3 seconds. The large tree on the left of the photo (that goes pass the top of the photo) is part of a row of large cottonwood trees that runs behind our home, so once it passed that tree it was completely out of my visibility for good.

A friend of mine stated that a friend of his saw the F-18 fighter jet and had posted about it on his facebook, but did not see the object that I saw afterwards. So at least the fighter jet portion of my account has been corroborated, though I do not know where this person was located when they saw the jet.

Hope this helps.

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