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Sighting Reports 2011

Photo of Bird Reveals Thin Black Object in Background

Photo of Object and Enlargement.
Photo of Object and Enlargement.

Marianna is in Eastern Arkansas About 50 Miles West-Southwest of Memphis, Tennessee.
Marianna is in Eastern Arkansas
About 50 Miles West-Southwest of Memphis, Tennessee.

Date of Sighting: March 28, 2011
Time of Sighting: 3:15 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: Marianna, Arkansas (See Map)

Description: On the afternoon of 3-28-11 at 3:15 PM I Saw a fish hawk on a power pole as these are somewhat rare in this part of Arkansas. I stopped to see if I could take some pictures. I got the bird at the time, but didn't see in the distance a thin black object. Can you help?

Witness Response to Questions: The photos that I sent were the original "unedited" photos.

Note: Analysis indicates that the photo could have been edited. The photo was taken with a Motorola DROID X cell phone. Another photo taken of the bird does not reveal the object. Also both photos have exactly the same pixel dimensions. This casts more doubt that the photo was edited and the object added.

Update April 3, 2011: Further analysis has revealed that this photo has a high probability of being authentic. I took some of my own photos with the same DROID X cell phone camera used by the witness. My photos revealed the same "authenticity signature" as the did the witness's photos. I also believe that the line is a real object and not a camera anomaly because the the object was in another photo taken of the same bird. The witness as well said that he does not possess the means for editing photos. (He indicated difficulty transferring photos to his computer.)

Comments Received April 1, 2011: Too me, the trees in the background appear slightly out of focus, as more distant objects should be if the camera is focused on closer objects (the bird & power poles). However, the "object" appears in perfect focus, indicating that if real, it would have to be as close as the bird & poles. My guess is that it is a fake.

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