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Sighting Reports 2011

Woman Sees 2 Red Lights. Lights Individually Ascended & Vanished.

Photo of One of Red Lights Sent by Witness. (Photo Has Been Enlarged & Brightened.)
Photo of One of Red Lights Sent by Witness.
(Photo Has Been Enlarged & Brightened.)

Marysville is in Western Washington About 40 Miles North-Northeast of Seattle.
Marysville is in Western Washington
About 40 Miles North-Northeast of Seattle.

Date of Sighting: July 23, 2011
Time of Sighting: 12:07 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: Marysville, Washington (See Map)

Description: Upon leaving the Quil Ceda Casino tonight, I witnessed 2 objects going North to South (and directly over my head before they went straight up) over the Casino at 12:07 AM. These objects were low, lower like that of an incoming airplane. I have seen a number of objects I can't explain, but these objects looked different than the ones I have seen before. They were red, and silent and the shape wasn't uniform, but more ball like. And They were an odd shade of red. One appeared larger in size than the other and closer to the ground. There were two young men standing with me looking up. I asked one of them what he thought, if he knew what it was. He gave me the classic I am afraid and I don't know what that is before they both huffed into the casino. My hands were trembling with excitement and I had a hard time manipulating my new iphone, but managed to take a poor picture of the second object before it went straight up into the sky it was going up and getting smaller. They had a mechanical non airplane movement, but did move in a straight line before disappearing, and the red color seemed to glow and expand and contract. I had a hard time focusing my eyes. Based on the location I would guess these objects to be as big as 737 aircraft. Such excitement!

Note: I know this witness and she is reliable. She sometimes feels that she can predict the appearance of UFOs. (She had this sensation on this occasion.) She also stated in an interview that the objects would about 1/3 the size of a full moon. The distorted shape of the light is likely due to a combination of camera movement and/or movement of the light.

Research Summary Prepared by Witness: This is a follow up to the report I posted on your website. I was interested in the Indian Reservation/pyrotechnic angle so I called around specifically:

1. Washington State has 2 major Pyrotechnic companies that supplies fireworks for events to the Reservations. Neither of them had events going on Marysville or nearby. One of the companies suggested that I look into helicopter fireworks - I did and it's not close. They did not know of any other fireworks that resembled what I saw.
2. I called both the Quil Ceda and Tulalip Casino's to confirm there were no firework events that night. I was referred to the Tulalip Tribe operator who suggested that I call the Washington State Patrol's 116th Office for more info. The WSP is the only other organization that can issue Fireworks permits besides the ATF.
3. The WSP Bomb squad Sgt called me back this afternoon - he confirmed there were no events reported and that I check out marine flares but he didn't think it sounded like what I saw.
4. Finally I called the Tulalip Police who confirmed there were no events, and suggested that I call a tribal member from "Boom City" - run by veterans. I will call them tomorrow and let you know if I find out anything new.
Apparently the laws on tribal lands are different and I am going to try and nail down anything that might explain what I saw. The clincher for me is that this object flew parallel to the ground and then ascended which does not match the up down and arc king fireworks via gravity. Additionally I don't understand why if this is something otherworldly it would be red? It was almost impossible to not see these two objects.


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