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Sighting Reports 2011

Woman & Son See 3 Fireball Like Lights in Triangular & Line Formations.
Photo Taken.

Photo of Lights Taken by Witness Using Cell-Phone.
Photo of Lights Taken by Witness Using Cell-Phone.

Marysville is in Western Washington About 40 Miles North of Seattle.
Marysville is in Western Washington
About 40 Miles North of Seattle.

Date of Sighting: November 15, 2011
Time of Sighting: 7:15 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Marysville, Washington (See Map)

Description: I was driving my son home from kick boxing and we were joking around I was telling him everything was an alien or UFO and as we got closer to home I noticed 3 bright orange almost like fire ball lights about our neighborhood. They were in a perfect triangle formation. I told my son I wasn't joking and to take a picture with my phone. He got scared and didn't want to. I pulled into my neighborhood and pulled over and got out of my van. The balls of light started moving very fast and erratically and as I pointed my phone to take a picture they formed a perfect straight line and I caught it in my picture. I really wish my video camera worked on my phone. I watched the balls while I finished my ride home and in that short less then a minute time I watched them form a triangle again and then separate going different directions one to the east and two to the west. I got out and watched the balls to the west as they went straight up and disappeared. I called my mom on my short drive to my house and told her to look outside because she lives 1 mile south of me and my son ran inside to tell my husband to come outside to see, but by the time they made it outside the balls of light were gone. I enclosed a picture. It is not a very good one, but glad I caught something.

Note: The photo is of good quality considering that it was taken at night with a cell-phone. Weather conditions from nearby Arlington, Washington showed that skies were clear with calm winds at the time of the sighting.

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