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Sighting Reports 2011

Ex Army Helicopter Crew Chief Sees Airborne Lights in Circular Formation

Midway is in Eastern Georgia Near Ft. Stewart Army Base.
Midway is in Eastern Georgia Near Ft. Stewart Army Base.

Date of Sighting: March 8, 2011
Time of Sighting: 3 AM EST
Location of Sighting: Midway, Georgia (See Map)

Description: I left my house in Midway GA, at 03:00 AM 03/11/2011 to go to work. It was a nice clear sky as I looked up to check on weather clouds. There were plenty of stars out. I looked to the North and noticed a formation of flashing lights not in sequence in a circular formation at about a 30 degree angle of view and a single flashing light trailing the circular formation. I would say there were about a dozen lights or so. There was a pattern of the flashing white lights that appeared to be those of white NAV lights of airplanes or helicopters. The single trailing light was close to the formation at first and as I kept watching for about 3 minutes until the circular formation disappeared behind the trees. The single trailing light trailed even further traveling in the same path. They were moving relatively slow to be airplanes. I would say the formation and trailing light were at high altitude and rather far from my location. I would guess the distance at 30 miles or so towards the Savannah area. I am pretty sure they were not military helicopters or aircraft as they were just white lights and no red or green. I was a crew chief on helicopters in the army and flying NVG there would be no lights on aircraft or if flying unaided all lights would be on including the green and red. A formation flying in that formation I have ever done was usually staggered left or right or V formation. I can’t explain what I have seen and I have not seen anything like this.

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