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Sighting Reports 2011

Witness Concerned About 2 Dogs That Kept Barking "At the Sky"

Mohave Valley is in Western Arizona Only a Few Miles From the California and Nevada Borders.
Mohave Valley is in Western Arizona
Only a Few Miles From the California and Nevada Borders.

Date of Sighting: April 19, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10:30 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Mohave Valley, Arizona (See Map)

Description: Last night about 10:30 PM my dogs started barking like crazy. I live on five acres in Mohave Valley, AZ at the base of the Black Mountains. I let the dogs outside (1 Lab, 1 Eskimo Spitz) and they continued to go nuts for 45 minutes. I noticed that both dogs were looking up and barking incessantly. I tried to bring the dogs in but they refused to come and continued to run back and forth in the courtyard looking up and barking at what appeared to be nothing. I have to admit that I was spooked and finally got my Eskimo inside and reset my alarm leaving my lab outdoors as he would not come to me. My eskimo continued to bark in the house running through each room and inevitably looking toward ceiling. I regret to say that I never saw any type of object in the sky, but felt some type of "weirdness". I came to my computer and searched for recent ufo sightings or recent earthquakes, but found none. This morning I see that there were reports of sightings in Las Vegas and Oregon. Very spooky!!

Additional Information Provided by Witness: Thank you for taking me seriously on this. Normally, my dogs are very grounded and well behaved. My lab is 8 years old and has lived on this 5 acre parcel since he was born, he is not typically a barker unless our neighbor pack of coyotes has strayed too closely to the house, or a vehicle races by on the dirt road. This was not the case as I stood in the doorway for approximately 10 minutes trying to coax both dogs inside and did not hear the coyotes. My little spitz can be excitable at times, but if the lab stops barking, she usually is pacified as well. This time for neither one of them kept quiet. Also I couldn't put my finger on the difference on the barking until last night and then I realized that their barking was almost like they were both " frightened and confused". In 8 years I have never seen my 135 LB male lab "frightened" of anything. He roams my acreage with no fencing to contain him and takes his job for protecting me very seriously. I'll keep you posted if anything like this happens again.

Note: Yes, this does sound spooky!

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