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Sighting Reports 2011

Metallic Object Seen Hovering in Sky
Then 4 Black Objects Fly Erratically Across Sky

Ocala is in North Central Florida About 65 Miles Northwest of Orlando.
Ocala is in North Central Florida About 65 Miles Northwest of Orlando.

Date of Sighting: April 14, 2011
Time of Sighting: Noon EDT
Location of Sighting: Ocala, Florida (See Map)

Description: OMG is the only thing I can say to express what I am feeling right now. All my life I have heard of UFOs and their craft, but never I mean never would I ever thought I would see one. I pinched myself and thought there is no way this HAS to be a dream. I walked outside with my friend and we were talking and I got a phone call so I am talking on the phone and someone says look up. I look up and I see two airplanes that look like they were going to hit each other. I then dropped the phone as we were yelling because after the planes flew past each other there was this metal thing floating in the air just sitting there it moved to the right with an awesome brightness. Then it moved to the left and all I could say it that it was so beautiful. It was just sitting there hovering brightly. A tear dropped down my face. I am so incredibly happy. I have been researching UFOs all of my life, but there is nothing like seeing one for your first time. So after it left I went back in and all I hear is “come here come here” and there was this cloud. It was a beautiful cloud that kept changing colors no where else in the sky, but there. It soon disappeared, but I didn't take my eyes off the clouds. The next thing I saw was about four of them (black) slowly moving across the sky going up and down and then just like that they disappeared.

Note: This sighting report sounds intriguing, but a little confusing. The witness is obviously quite excited to have seen a UFO. (I would be too.)

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