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Sighting Reports 2011

Radar Return Shows Up in Area Where Video
Showed Anomalous Object.

Still Image of Strange Object That Exited Cloud Near Takeoff of an Airliner.
Still Image of Strange Object That Exited Cloud Near Takeoff of an Airliner.

Radar Chart Showing Location of Radar Return & Path of Airliner (TRS Flight #15).
Radar Chart Showing Location of Radar Return & Path of Airliner (TRS Flight #15).
(Blue Arrows Show Direction of Airliner Flight.)

Orlando is in Central Florida.
Orlando is in Central Florida.

Date of Sighting: June 10, 2011
Time of Sighting: 1:15 to 1:20 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Orlando International Airport (See Map)

Description: On June 10, 2011 a video was taken of an airliner taking off from Orlando, Florida International Airport. The videographer had intended on capturing footage of his mother who was a passenger on a flight to the Midwest. The videographer posted the video on YouTube a few days later. The video immediately generated much interest because it showed a strange quick moving object exiting a cloud near the airliner which was just taking off.

It turns out that the video is not of the flight that the videographer's mother was on, but of TRS Flight Number 15 (an Airtrans Flight enroute to San Juan, Puerto Rico). This fact was verified by a record of takeoffs which showed four TRS flights departing in a short time sequence. The aircraft in the video was the only 737 in the series that took off in the given time period. The 737 was enroute to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The aircraft took off in a northeasterly direction because of the prevailing wind direction which was from the north. The aircraft later turned south and headed for Puerto Rico. The radar track confirms this. (This portion of the radar track of TRS #15 is not shown above.)

The original video was posted on YouTube and other variations (slowed frames) also showed up. The authenticity of the video is somewhat in doubt because the witness wanted to be compensated for the original video that was loaded to YouTube. However, given the unusual nature of the footage this is understandable. The object could have been inserted in the video, but the apparent fragmentation of the cloud where the object exited would be difficult to stage.

Given the above scenario it was decided to obtain the radar footage from Orlando Airport for the time period that the witness said that he took the video. Voice tapes of TRS Flight 15 were also obtained. The voice tapes did not indicate that the pilot saw the craft. (Given the fact that it only appeared in a few video frames, the crew likely did not see the object.) Even the videographer did not see the object until later viewing slowed frame footage of the video.

The radar data was analyzed for the time period around which the video was taken. A lone return was detected near the time of takeoff and the approximate position where the witness took the video. There were several other returns over a few minute time frame, but the one return is in the area at almost the exact time that aircraft was taking off. It is understandable that the radar would probably only pick up one return given the speed of movement of the object. This is not concrete proof of a radar-visual, but it certainly bears mentioning that we could have radar confirmation of the object.

Currently (October 2, 2011) the YouTube video posted by the witness can be viewed on Youtube at:

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