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Sighting Reports 2011

2 See Large Dark Triangular Object Pass Over Apartment
in Moon Lite Sky.

Sketch of 2 Views of Object Sent by One of Witnesses.
Sketch of 2 Views of Object Sent by One of Witnesses.

Pompano Beach is on the East Coast of Florida About 30 Miles North of Miami.
Pompano Beach is on the East Coast of Florida About 30 Miles North of Miami.

Date of Sighting: November 10, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Pompano Beach, Florida (See Map)

Description: Last night the full moon was very bright. My boyfriend and I had just stepped outside to look at the full moon. The moon was positioned in the sky almost directly east of our building so I was looking up at it when I noticed an object moving in the sky heading south. It appeared right above our apartment building straight up in the sky. It was a triangular shaped craft. There were no lights on and there was no engine noise. I have a really good eye for detail and a photographic memory so it only takes me a few seconds to view and analysis something. The front portion of it seems to have some structure and was lighter colored then the rest of the body which was black. In fact the reason I think I was able to see the entire craft's shape was because of the bright moonlight behind it. No lights were on and the craft was flying low and at a very steady pace it blended perfectly with the night’s sky. I would say it was only couple of hundred feet up in the air. It was headed south towards Miami. There was no "organic" movement. I have an interest in predatory birds and have seen many black vultures in the area this was definitely NOT an animal or even an eagle or an owl. I am aware the owls and eagles are silent flyers, but this craft had no organic matter or design to it. The picture I am posting is the closest description to what I saw.

Comments Received November 12, 2011: I am prepared to believe that a person with an interest in predatory birds has the ability to remember such detail as in the drawing, BUT the two drawings are inconsistent in the details they show. Where are the linear structures, shown in the TOP drawing on the bottom of the craft, in the BOTTOM drawing? Since it is stated to have flown directly overhead, I must assume that the surface shown in both drawings is the BOTTOM of the object, but they are quite inconsistent!

UFOS Northwest Response to Above Comment: One can't expect a witness to be exact in a sketch of an object seen briefly on a dark night.

Comments Received December 17, 2011: I live in Cocoa Beach and I saw something VERY much like this. I kind of blew it off and said it was a stealth because I live near an airport, a space center, and a military air base, but it really kind of stuck me. I was on the phone with my Grandmother when I saw it, and when I noticed it I hung up and I watched it for a few seconds. Then it just vanished, but what I saw, from my memory had faint glowing lights like, two, on the ends of it. I wonder if this is what I saw because i am not sure when it was, but it was around that date. I want to say it was the 19th though. I love UFOs, and spend hours outside every night hoping I will see one. And as STUPID as this may sound I am very fond of our Extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.

Comments Received December 16, 2011: I believe every detail of the description of this sighting because I saw the exact same thing over my residence. It was late out and an extremely clear night. The stars were insanely bright and I was standing outside with my dog. I happened to look up into the sky and was focusing my attention on the stars. That's when I saw this boomerang shaped black flying craft cruise silently and effortlessly across the sky. It had no lights and made no sound and just as described in the previous sighting I was able to see its silhouette due to the lighting of the night sky above it. I was mesmerized and watched this craft until I could no longer see it. (This sighting occurred in Wheelersburg, Ohio in December, 2011 around 10:30 to 11 PM EDT. The exact date was not specified.)

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