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Sighting Reports 2011

Man Sights Black Airborne Triangular Object. Video Taken.

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Still Image Extracted From Video.
Still Image Extracted From Video.

Another Still Image Extracted From Video.
Another Still Image Extracted From Video.

Savannah is in Southeastern Georgia Near the Coast.
Savannah is in Southeastern Georgia Near the Coast.

Date of Sighting: March 31, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: Savannah, Georgia (See Map)

Description: Here is a brief excerpt of a black triangle I videotaped from my backyard. These
are the best frames from the whole video before it disappeared behind a pine
tree. I was able to reacquire the back end of the thing as it passed near
Sirius, but I had focus and massive shake issues due to extreme zoom as I was
using a brand new camera with no experience. If you're interested in posting it on your site, I'll send you the whole thing, but this is the best part. Please note the similarity to the "Petit Rechain" photo from the 1989/90 Belgium Triangle sittings

You have to ignore the aircraft noise as I live near Hunter Army Airfield in
Savannah, GA. The airbase was VERY active during the period that I have had these
sittings. I could also make out the craft body with my naked eye, but my camera
could not get it.
I have witnessed multiple UFOs (1-Boomerang, 1-Triangle,
2-Orange orbs and 1-rectangle) from 3/3/11 until the first Sunday in April. I
got this triangle video exactly 4 weeks and ten minutes to the hour from when I
witnessed a massive glowing boomerang (I reported this one to MUFON [#28090] and
an investigator came out to my house) that was very similar to what you posted
from those Michigan folks.

Additional Information Sent By Witness: : The camera is a JVC Everio GZ-MS110BU with a 39x optical zoom and 720x480 SD resolution. I went with low light capability over HD resolution. The footage starts on 3/31/11 at 9:30 PM and runs through 9:32 PM. Had I been more on the ball I could have gotten at least 10 more seconds of good video as I originally mistook it for an aircraft. The base was very active that night, and I also live under the east coast commercial flyway so flashing red lights do not tend to catch my attention. The triangle pattern is what caught my eye. There is some loud jet noise at the end of the video and also some turboprop noise that is associated with Hunter. Basically, beyond the good part is just me running around my backyard trying to find holes in the pine trees where I could shoot the thing. The difficulty increased as I keep having to add zoom and screwing up the manual focus as I was continually having to refocus. The camera was new, and I was not experienced with it.

Note: More information is being acquired. Updates will be posted.

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