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Sighting Reports 2011

Granular Object With Fire-Orange Surface Speeds Up Abruptly
& Vanishes. Video Taken.

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Short Video of Orange Object.

Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.
Still Image of Object Extracted From Video.

Sherwood is a Suburb About 25 Miles Southwest of Portland.
Sherwood is a Suburb About 25 Miles Southwest of Portland.

Date of Sighting: June 21, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9:55 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Sherwood, Oregon (See Map)

Description: 1 I was travelling South on Murdock street approaching Sunset Street, when I noticed three orange colored lights above the distant tree line. They at first looked like the landing lights of aircraft lined up to go to Hillsboro Airport to the North. Since they appeared to not be moving I thought the illusion effect was that they were coming toward my direction. It seemed very rare and odd for aircraft to be lined up this way so far south of Hillsboro. The closer I got to Sunset Street the lower and closer the lights appeared so I wanted a closer look and continued South. Murdock St. turns into Baker Road (name change) after the Sunset cross street. I only had to go south about 1/8th mile when all the lights appeared over a farmer's field and very low so I turned off and parked next to the field and got out with my digital camera and started to film in HD. As I got out of my car the three lights farther to the south were going out one by one. There was a fourth light at just above tree top level only about 100 feet from me and I started to video the light. My camera failed after only about 5 seconds as I zoomed on the object(most likely weak batteries). I was very close to the object and event ho ugh it was a little scary I also thought to not get too excited as it could have been a Chinese lantern? The object did not flicker and appeared granular on the fire orange surface. The one thing that makes me feel this was not a lantern is that when the light went out it appeared to have a blast of speed as it went out in a fraction of a second! I don't think a lantern could do this. There was no wind on the ground and the object moved very slowly to the south over a farmer's field. I have not yet been able to talk to close by residents to see if any lanterns were released that night and time. No other people were in the area outside around me. The video shows exactly what I saw in color and texture with my eyes except that at about 3/4 of way through the video you can see a small BLACK DOT on surface of object! The object appeared to be a sphere about two feet or more in size? No sound was heard. Also the same location of this sighting was where the UFO jet chase (my) video from April 21, 2010 seen on your site occurred!

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