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Sighting Reports 2011

2 See Several "Ginger-Hued" Orbs in Night Sky

St. Charles is About 30 Miles West-Northwest of Chicago.
St. Charles is About 30 Miles West-Northwest of Chicago.

Date of Sighting: June 3, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10:50 PM CDT
Location of Sighting: St. Charles, Illinois (See Map)

Description: My boyfriend and I were going to take a walk through my neighborhood at approximately 10 pm, Central Time. We walked about 20 minutes before deciding to sit in an empty lot to talk and look at the night sky.

After about 5 minutes of standing and looking up at the sky, I noticed a very bright, amber star in the West. After pointing it out I quickly noticed that it was traveling fairly quickly. The two of us got excited, as we assumed it was a shooting star or a comet. As it neared where we were I vaguely noticed that it didn't seem to be descending accelerating, or extinguishing, as many space-borne objects will. The “comet” continued in a steady, unfaltering path across the night towards the East.  As we continued to watch, we noticed that the object seemed to flicker very consistently, and was orb-like in nature. This last detail is what made us question that we were seeing some meteor or shooting star. Usually those seem to have a "tail" and move quicker. My boyfriend suggested it was likely some sort of plane or helicopter. My father, however, is an Air Traffic Controller, and has been for over 30 years. So I am fairly familiar with what different types of aircraft look like; their markers, shapes, and flight patterns, air spaces, etc. even at night. I assured him we had not seen a plane. I knew that for absolutely certain. So as it vanished into the horizon, we just brushed it off as some odd piece of space debris that had gotten caught in orbit or some loose ashes from a nearby bonfire (even though, in hindsight, I now realize that there was no smoke to be seen or smelled, and the night was absent of fire crackling, or people enjoying a fire).

As we were sitting together in the grass 5 to 10 minutes later, I spotted yet another object, identical to the other in every way (physical description, speed, height, size, etc.) coming across the sky from the same origin point in the West. This time we studied the object with more scrutiny, as we had been intrigued by the irregularities of the previous. “Maybe we’re looking at the beginning of a meteor shower!” I briefly thought, as sometimes you will see a couple before the majority appears. But it was still a little odd, if it were that. As we watched the thing float above our heads in it's steady, silent path my boyfriend even suggested that the object was perhaps someone flying some sort of remote-controlled toy with a light.  I know better though, as my father (being pretty interested in aerial flight as a whole) has made and flown his own remote-controlled airplanes for decades, and our family has gone to a few RC clubs and flights. By now, being halfway across the sky, this strange orb was fitting absolutely no description of anything I had ever recognized. It was much like the flame on a candle. It seems to be consistently traveling at a fairly low altitude and had a straight, steady flight pattern. We also both noticed that both objects had been entirely silent. It also had no “exterior” or extra lights. It was simply an orange flickering sphere. It did not have a tail, it did not accelerate or decelerate, it didn't falter in its size, height, speed, or trajectory… Suddenly during our examination, the object just shut off.

Note: The witness who reported the sighting seems to have a good knowledge of the appearance of conventional aircraft. However, some of the characteristics listed fit the description of Chinese Lanterns.

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