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Sighting Reports 2011

3 See Aerial Bright White Flashing Light Streak in Different Directions

St. Petersburg is in Western Florida.
St. Petersburg is in Western Florida.

Date of Sighting: May 29, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10 PM EDT
Location of Sighting: St. Petersburg, Florida

Description: My fiance, son and myself were fishing off of Tierra Verde around 10:00 PM when I looked up into the sky and saw a bright white flashing light. I would compare it to a strobe light. It was moving in all directions. It looked frantic. It was like a firefly moving back and forth and side to side. It was darting in very quick unexplainable movements. We asked the other family fishing if they were seeing it and they did. They just said it was probably an airplane. I have never ever seen an airplane at night that looked like that. In fact, shortly afterwards, an airplane flew by with its steady red and white lights. There was no mistaking that for an airplane. My fiance, my son and I have NO clue what we saw.

Additional Comments by Witness: No, I really don't believe that it was a search light. I have seen plenty of them. It was like a very bright strobe light frantically erratically changing directions. We had to blink our eyes several times to make sure something wasn't wrong with them. The others on the beach said: fireworks, a plane, I don't know. Who gets a plane confused with fireworks? Anyhow, we probably will never know what it was. I was just wondering if anyone else reported anything unusual. It was going side to side and back and forth quicker than I could imagine. It was almost like a huge really bright firefly that was hurt or drunk. There also was a sound coming from it similar to engines of a plane?

More Comments by Witness Sent June 6, 2011: Hello again. I just saw my report on your website and I wanted to add to the comment about a remote control airplane. It was absolutely not a remote controlled plane. The object flew entirely too far. It came from the direction of the Skyway Bridge, flew over Ft. Desotot, Tierra Verde, and headed along the beach toward the Don Cesar. The sky was completely clear that night save for one cloud in the distance that had lightening that seemed to be contained completely within the cloud. I really didn't think this was significant at first, but it wasn't overcast. There was no thunder, no rain and the lightening was contained entirely within this cloud in the background. But moving on from the cloud situation if you look at the distance from it being over the Skyway, heading toward Ft. Desoto, Tierra Verde, and it moved across the water toward the Don CeSar until it disappeared from being too far away. Shortly afterwards an actual plane came from that direction flying the same path. I don't know what remote control plane could have been darting in different directions like that or be controlled from that distance or sound like that. I wish I had video on my phone. It was moving so erratic and fast that I could not even take a picture.

Note: The above comments by the witness were in response to my suggestion that the light could have been a search light. Given the comments that does not appear likely. I wonder if someone was flying a model airplane in the dark? The witness heard a sound like an airplane from the light.

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