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Sighting Reports 2011

Pair of Thin Vertical Lights Execute Unusual Maneuvers in Cloudy Sky

Tacoma is Near Seattle-Tacoma Airport About 25 Miles South of Downtown Seattle.
Tacoma is Near Seattle-Tacoma Airport
About 25 Miles South of Downtown Seattle.

Date of Sighting: February 4, 2011
Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Tacoma, Washington (See Map)

Description: Hi there. I was just curious if you received any reports of 2 aircraft or lights (UFOs)chasing each other around 9:45 PM on February 4, 2011. They looked like thin vertical lights with some blinking action. I am in Tacoma and the lights appeared to the north towards the Seattle area. At first I thought it was two planes practicing night stunts. It didn't look like a typical routine seen performed by the Blue Angels. To better illustrate what I witnessed, it was similar to a pair of flies/bees playing or fighting each other. They were swirling around each other like in a sphere pattern before disappearing off in opposite directions. The one flying off to the right weaved up and down through the sky before disappearing. Keep in mind that all of this happened in a matter of 4-5 seconds time span! They were moving unbelievably fast and not a sound was emitted! Maybe traveling at over 200 mph? At that rate I was expecting to hear some rumbling sounds. Perhaps I was too far away to hear anything or see anything clearly.

I found it usual that anyone would be flying in that manner, especially during this time of the day. The stunts looked too dangerous. The flight pattern was impossible and something I've never seen before from jets. For all I know, I probably seen a practice run conducted by the military and interpret from an alien enthusiast perspective. Please let me know if you receive any stories relating to what I seen tonight for my sanity sake.

Note: At the time of the sighting skies were cloudy with cloud bases only at 1,500 feet. Visibility was 10 miles.

The witness speaks of the "Blue Angels." The Blue Angels are a group of F18 aircraft that put on an air show every year in the Seattle area for the annual Seafair.

Given that this sighting only lasted a few seconds it is unlikely that we will receive any more reports. The report is interesting considering that skies were overcast with low clouds at the time. That means that the aircraft (UFOS?) were flying quite low. We have received a few similar reports in the past where witnesses see objects moving around aircraft in a circular pattern.

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