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Sighting Reports 2011

Triangular Wedge Object Size of Grocery Store Flies Low Over Car

Triangle Lake is in Western Oregon About 30 Miles West-Northwest of Eugene.
Triangle Lake is in Western Oregon About 30 Miles West-Northwest of Eugene.

Date of Sighting: June 21, 2011
Time of Sighting: Approximately 10 to 11 PM PDT
Location of Sighting: Triangle Lake, Oregon (See Map)

Description: A friend and I were driving home from Florence to Eugene at approximately 10:00 PM June 21st 2011. We were headed eastbound on Highway 36 in the Triangle Lake, OR area when we both looked up to the south and saw what looked like a star except it was the color of the sun. I have been telling my friend all year about the many many times I myself have witnessed strange things in the night sky over Triangle Lake and Deadwood so we are really in tune to anything unusual up there. Anyway the star type object appeared to be moving erratically so we kept looking. We got all the way back to Cheshire when all of a sudden the star type object bolted across the sky like a shooting star and disappeared. My friend was shocked and couldn't believe what he saw. It gets better. We kept on toward Eugene and as we passed Fern ridge reservoir we stopped because the object had moved to what appeared to be right over the lake, but may have been further southeast. We pulled over as did the other 3 cars that were close by to watch. I think the others got scared because they took off in a hurry. We waited another few minutes and then checked my friend's phone for the time. It was 10:45 PM. We were really intrigued so we wanted a closer look. It appeared to be getting closer so we continued on toward Eugene and then turned south on Greenhill Road. We were headed straight for it and I thought it was a plane as we got closer, but then it started to look different. As we approached it, I could see that it was not a cargo plane (I was trying to rationalize in my head) and that it was the size of a small grocery store, triangle wedge shaped like a block of cheddar and it had blue colored lights on top and bottom of the three corners. The lights were kind of a like led's, but not. In the center of the top it had 3 triangle patterned lights opposing the shape of the craft and a bluish sort of yellow sun colored light beaming from it's center. It flew within a couple hundred feet of us RIGHT OVER OUR CAR! It passed over the house next to the road and disappeared into thin air. Seriously. I came home got on my computer and now I am typing this report. I can't begin to describe how incredibly weird this was. Even the other people on the road were stopping to watch or turn around and quickly flee the scene. The object made no sound at all and appeared to be moving slowly at maybe 30 mph. This is the craziest sighting I have ever had, but certainly not the first.

Note: Yes, this is a strange sighting. It sounds like several witnessed it. Anyone else who witnessed this object and/or may have taken a photo or video is urged to file a report.

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