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Sighting Reports 2011

Triangular or Box-kite Shaped Object With Lights Like LEDs Moves Erratically in Night Sky

Vancouver is North of the Columbia River Near Portland, Oregon.
Vancouver is North of the Columbia River Near Portland, Oregon.

Date of Sighting: February 20, 2011
Time of Sighting: 6:45 PM to 7 PM PST
Location of Sighting: Vancouver, Washington (See Map)

Description: We saw an object about the size of a small plane, but it was definitely not a plane. (This is an occasional flight pattern for private planes, so we know what those look like in approaching or departing flights.) The altitude seemed low and we thought it was a large firework at first. It hovered in one place just east of the Clearmeadows Neighborhood in Vancouver, Washington USA. It's only movement was vertical (down, altitude decrease) and up in a straight line for about 15 minutes before "sliding" off to the south (toward the Columbia River). The vehicle was silent. It did not proceed "forward" from our perspective. The lights were so bright, the object shape was not discernable. From one of the light patterns where green lights blinked along a straight line at the bottom of the object, it seemed triangular or box-kite shaped. The red, green, white lights seemed similar to large LEDs. They would blink one pattern for 10 to 20 seconds, then the lights would all go off together for 1-2 seconds before rearranging themselves. For example the first pattern I noticed was green along a straight line below the red and white which were changing patters. Next the object had only bright red lights on what could have been a face of the object, then the pattern changed to very few green lights and a focus on red and white lights blinking a new pattern. I have had cell phone interference all week to the point of reconnecting a landline phone. I have had calls dropped and unable to dial out at night from about 6 PM on past bed time. I am not sure that has any connection to the sighting except that I've had no interference on my cell today. Other neighbors and my own grown children witness this sighting also.

Click here to Read An article about the UFO Sighting In The Seattle Times Newspaper.

Comments Received February 20, 2011: My wife noticed an article in the Seattle Times local section today about a UFO sighting. She pointed it out because I have shared with her the opinion that newspapers don't commonly report even multi-witness sightings, and this was her way of saying "see, they do". I asked her how it was described and she said "saucer-shaped", and I went back to work in my home office. Some time later I stopped by your site and noticed a Vancouver report, but it says "box-kite" or "trianglular" - shaped! So I went downstairs and read the newspaper article myself, and sure enough the headline reads "Saucer-shaped", and a non-quote introduction says saucer-shaped, but there is no mention of saucer-shaped in the several quotes it contains from witnesses (and no other shape is mentioned either).

Now I will be candid with you and tell you that I tend to give less credence to reports of "saucers" than triangles, and I wonder if another part of the newpaper-enabled discrediting of UFO reports (which I also give some credence to) is not slipping in "flying saucer" wherever possible, especially if there has been too much notice of the event to just ignore it altogether, whiich is the usual response. In the many older UFO reports I have read, the acutal description is triangular or deltoid, but they are reported as "flying saucers". For example, in the most famous case of all, Kenneth Arnold's, he described the shapes of the objects as deltoid, and there are pictures of him posing with an artist's rendering of a deltoid shape with a double-concave rear profile (the rest he said had a single concavity - like a boot-heel, as I recall). But as you probably know, when Arnold described the motion of the objects as fluctuating as if they were a saucer falling through the water, an Eastern reporter misreported that he had said it was saucer-SHAPED. This is the origin of the term "flying saucer" as far as I know, and this genesis is one of the reasons I am more skeptical of reports of this configuration than of deltoid or triangluar. Another report of that time, the Rhodes report, describes a boot-heel object.

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