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Sighting Reports 2011

Couple Experience "Time Lapse" While Driving. Man Gets Very Ill.

The Incident Occurred on I-80 20 to 30 Miles East of Winnemucca, Nevada.
The Incident Occurred on I-80
20 to 30 Miles East of Winnemucca, Nevada.

Date of Sighting: October 20, 2011
Time of Sighting: 12 AM PDT
Location of Sighting: On I-80 20 to 30 Miles East of Winnemuca, Nevada (See Map)

Description: I did not see any UFO, or anything else unusual. Nevertheless, something inexplicable happened on the night of October 20, 2011 as my wife and I were returning home to California on I-80 somewhere west of Wendover, NV.

We had been been on a road trip visiting my family in Colorado and Kansas. We decided to go to Canyonlands and Arches Parks in Utah on the way home. We spent the day and left Canyonlands at 4:45 PM. We drove north on route 191 to Salt Lake City, and arrived there around 11:30 PM. We refueled and then headed west on I-80 towards home. I don’t recall when we crossed the state line into Nevada, but shortly after, in the hills west of Wendover my wife observed in our conversation that we were descending a hill. I was driving and could clearly see that we were ascending a long hill. I told her that we were ascending, and the energy consumption display on our Prius indicated also that we were climbing. A few minutes later my wife noted that we were ascending a hill. But, once again, she had it reversed. We were descending, and, once again, the energy consumption display confirmed that.

I thought it odd, but she seemed fine, so I concluded that she was simply tired and suggested that she might crawl into the back seat and get some rest. She agreed to it, and I put on a podcast of an NPR broadcast I had recorded earlier.

The podcast was approximately forty minutes long. After listening to it for a half-hour or so I began to feel light-headed. I wasn’t drowsy. It wasn’t sleepiness. I rolled down the window to refresh myself. The light-headedness was not overwhelming and I was not alarmed about it. I continued to drive and after a brief period I rolled up the window. However, I continued to feel light-headed, so I rolled it down again. The night air was cold, my wife couldn’t sleep so she crawled back to the front seat.

After she had been in front for a few minutes I began to feel increasingly light-headed. I felt that I should pull over and let her drive because I was actually beginning to feel kind of disoriented. It was like I was going to faint, but different.

The next thing I remember was my wife calling my name and shaking me. I came to slumped forward, held in place by my seat belt, head fallen forward. I looked up and saw that the car was stopped in the middle of the right lane where I had been driving and looking for a place to pull off. The car had been on cruise control set at 75 mph and it was now at a dead stop. I have no memory of stopping the car and neither does my wife. She had been adjusting the radio, looking at the dash display. She looked up and saw that the car was stopped, then looked over to see me unconscious in the driver’s seat. She had had no sensation of any kind that the car was slowing or stopping. You know how when you are watching a DVD and you skip to the next scene. That is how both my wife and I describe the experience. Neither of us can account for the car coming to a stop, and perfectly in the center of the right lane of the freeway.

It took me a moment to get oriented enough to put on the emergency flashers. I then steered the car to the shoulder, still feeling very disoriented and extremely bewildered. My wife and I switched seats. She was very concerned for my state, my health. As soon as I sat down in the passengers seat I started vomiting. I had not been nauseous earlier, and, though I felt very disoriented and very physically uncomfortable, I still didn’t feel nauseous. But I vomited more violently than I had since I was a child.

My wife used our GPS to get our bearings. We were twenty or thirty miles east of Winnemucca. She drove while I breathed deeply and tried to relax. I felt physically “awful”. My eyes were tending to roll up into the back of my head. I was aware of this and intentionally took full breaths and kept my attention focused. Periodically I would vomit out the window.

I should mention that it was not food poisoning that made me sick. My wife and I had eaten simply, some food items that we had picked up in Moab earlier in the day. We ate exactly the same things all day. She had no symptoms at all.

My wife asked me if I was having a medical crisis. She was trying to determine whether to take me to a hospital or not. I checked myself for stroke and heart attack and couldn’t confirm symptoms of either. I told her I didn’t know at first, but as we neared Winnemucca I told her to just find us a room. She did, and when she pulled into the parking lot I vomited even more violently, several times. The last time that I wretched I had the bodily sense of having expelled or purged whatever it was that was making me feel bad because I had an immediate whole-body sense of relief. It wasn’t relief from nausea because I hadn’t felt nauseous. I can only describe it as a feeling of immediate relief clearly the result of the last wretch that I suffered.

I didn’t feel disoriented anymore, but I was still bewildered and weak feeling. I could not account for anything that happened, and neither can my wife. We still can’t.

Neither of us recall seeing any lights or anything unusual at all other than my wife’s perception anomalies earlier in the evening.

At first I thought that we had gained some time during this incident. But mapquest and google report different times for the trip, and I am not certain of the time that we checked in to the motel.

Second Report by Witness (In Response to Questions): I would agree with your assessment, but I cannot account for the events that occurred at all. If it were just me I would say that it was a health-related episode. But how could my wife be sitting inches from me, in conversation with me, and a moment later look up and only then observe that our car that had been traveling at 75 mph was stopped dead, and I was unconscious. We don't drink. We don't do drugs. My wife and I are both artists and we are both observant people. She is a very "grounded" individual, as her lack of panic in the situation would indicate, finding me unconscious behind the wheel. Then there was the strange "perception distortions" that my wife experienced while we were driving. It all just does not add up to anything that can be logically explained.

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