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Sighting Reports 2011

Couple See UFOs Amidst "War Games" Exercise

Unknown Lights Photographed by Witnesses.
Unknown Lights Photographed by Witnesses.

Disk Shaped Object Photographed Over Military Operations Range?
Disk Shaped Object Photographed Over Military Operations Range?

Date of Sighting: May 31, 2011
Time of Sighting: Around Midnight
Location of Sighting: From Hill Outside of Yakima Military Training Range (See Map)

Description: At around midnight on May 31st my husband and I went to check out the military base which is not too far off from where we live. We arrived at our usual area (where we watch the base) and turned off the car. We noticed something very red flying around the base and came to the conclusion it was a helicopter because we could hear the blades whirling. However, it was very strange to see a helicopter completely red. It was in the middle of practicing "War Games" because the person operating the chopper was using heavy artillery and shooting at various targets and we watched the ground get tore up because of it. (Some shooting was directed right at the ground.) At one point we watched it get very close to our car. We did not want to get shot at accidentally (because it was quite dark) so we started to get ready to leave before we got discovered by military officials. Although we believed we were at the perimeter of the base I don't think they would want us watching them do maneuvers. I brought my camera and decided to take pictures of UFOs if we saw any. The area where we were at was kind of like a hillside so out of one side of our car we could watch the base and out the other side of the car (passenger seat where I was) we could see nothing but hills & grass. I noticed a speck of light in the sky so I took quite a few pictures. (It turned out to be a large silver disc.) It also changed colors. We then took off in a hurry. We wondered if the UFO was watching the military maneuvers like we were. It definitely seemed like it.

Note: Obviously military exercises were being conducted at the time that the witnesses took the photos. The witnesses feel that UFOS were "watching" the exercises and that the above photos are of UFOS.

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