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Sighting Reports 2011

Family See Black Isosceles Triangular Object Move Across Sky
Blotting Out Stars.

Zanesville is in Central Ohio About 40 Miles East of Columbus.
Zanesville is in Central Ohio About 40 Miles East of Columbus.

Date of Sighting: November 17, 2011
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Zanesville, Ohio (See Map)

Description: My children and I were looking at the stars after we got home. I was pointing out how they could look at the smaller stars between the bigger ones, when I noticed that something seemed to be moving across them. At first I thought my eyes were tricking me, but my three children saw it too. As I watched it, it looked like a large black isosceles triangle with three faint lights on each of the longer sides. The lights looked like the fainter stars until you saw that they were all moving in tandem. It looked to be very high up. It moved slowly across the sky until it disappeared into the trees. It took about two minutes to pass out of our field of vision after we first noticed it.

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