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1954 French UFO Humanoid Encounters


In 1954 a wave of UFO sightings occurred in France.  Many of these sightings were associated with encounters with small (dwarfish) humanoid type creatures.  French ufologist Aime Michael published a listing of French Incidents in a 1958 book titled Flying Saucers and the Straight-line Mystery.  Later (1969) Dr. Jacques Vallee wrote a book titled Passport to Magnolia.  This book also highlighted French humanoid incidents associated with UFOs in 1954. These sightings are also described in more recent book: Situation Red - The UFO Siege (1977) by Leonard H. Stringfield. 

Forty-six "creature" reports in France occurred between September 10 to October 27, 1954.  From this number, many were dwarf-like beings and frequently a light beam was sighted and the witnesses would become temporarily paralyzed. 

A few dramatic cases from the book Situation Red - The UFO Siege are listed below:

  1. Sep. 10 - Quarouble. A metal worker, Marius DeWilde, came out of his house as a dog was barking and saw a dark object on the railroad tracks, then saw two dwarfs walking toward it. When he tried to stop them, he was paralyzed by a strong orange light beam. The creatures were under one meter tall, bulky, and wore dark "diving" suits.
  2. Sep. 17 - Cenon. Yves David met a being in a "diving" suit who made friendly gestures...and had a voice "inhuman and incomprehensible." The witness could not move during the encounter. He saw the creature neter an object on the road. It took off "like lightning, throwing a greenish light."
  3. Sep. 28 - Bouzais. At "Le Grand Terte" Monsieur Mercier observed that someone had stolen grapes from his vineyard. He decided to stay late and catch the thief. He was amazed when he saw a luminous mass fall from the sky about 50 meters away and found himself paralyzed as three figures emerged from the light. He lost consciousness.
  4. Oct. 11 - Sassier, near La Carie.  Messieurs Gallois and Vigneron who were driving from Clamercy to Corbigny, felt an electric shock as the car headlights died. They then saw a craft in a pasture fifty meters away. It was cylindrical and fairly thick, and three dwarfs were standing close by. NO light was seen, except a reddish point. Both witnesses were paralyzed until the craft left. A third witness had seen a lighted object fly over the woods at La Carie.
  5. Oct. 16 - Baillolet. Dr. Robert, while driving, saw four objects at low altitude flying slowly in echelon formation. Suddenly one dropped to the ground with a falling-leaf motion, one hundred meters away. The doctor felt an electric shock as his car's engine and headlights died. Incapable of moving, Dr. Robert saw a figure about .2 meters tall moving in the light of the object; then all went dark. Later, the headlights resumed operation by themselves, when the object left the area.