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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Man Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Being That Emerged From Light

Date of Sighting: 1984 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Night (Exact Time Unknown)
Date Sighting Reported: May 26, 2007
Duration of Sighting: About 30 Seconds
Location of Sighting: Abuja, Nigeria
Latitude: 9.16 Degrees North
Longitude: 7.18 Degrees East
Number of Witnesses: Five
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Not Known

Description (In Witness's Own Words): This sighting is a little belated because it was in 1984. In 1984 me and some members of my family witnessed what I would describe as a UFO sighting. At the time I was six years old and we had just moved to the new Federal capital Abuja and the population of the city around this time was low. my mom, 2 sisters, and our driver were on our way back from my mom's work place when we saw a bright light while we were about to turn in a junction. The light was very bright (bluish green). I was asleep at the time the light first appeared, but my sisters woke me up. On seeing the light I remember it was so bright that I immediately shut my eyes. Our driver also pushed the head of my sister and I below the dash board saying "children don't look at them...". After about twenty to thirty seconds the light slowly moved closer to our car till it was right in front of the car. (I was still below the dash board, but my sister had forced her head up to watch.) According to my sisters and mom a small man also glowing in the same colour slowly appeared from the light and continued coming closer to the car on the passenger side untill it was right next to the side mirror. My mom then made a loud sound to scare it away because it was coming too close to us (me and my sister). With lightning speed the creature and the light flew up into the night sky leaving a long trace of the bright light behind it. We waited for almost twenty seconds before moving off. When I asked what it was from my driver because he seems to know what it was, he said they were "ghosts" which I first believed until Ii grew older and found out about UFO's. For years we (me and my family) were not sure who to tell, but I believe sooner or later we had to. That is why I am reporting. The size of the light was not taller than the height of the car and the creature was the size of a little boy. The motion of the object was at first slow (smooth movement) and later very very fast. The direction of movement was up into the sky. The light was of bluish-green color.

Investigator's Notes: This is quite a story of an encounter with something very unusual. The witness apparently was not privy to most of the sighting because he was "under the dashboard." He is recounting the experience of other witnesses in the vehicle. Like most sightings the veracity of this sighting rests solely with the credibility of the witness.