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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Field Technician Discovers UFO on Negative After Shooting Roll of Film

Picture of Flying Saucer That Showed up on Negative After Roll of Film Processed.

Date of Photo: March 22, 1967
Date Received: May 17, 2006
Location: Climax, Colorado (High in the Colorado Rockies About 70 Miles Southwest of Denver)
Latitude: 39.3 Degrees North
Longitude: 106.25 Degrees West
Elevation: About 11,000 Feet Above Sea Level

Description: I received a print of this photo from a friend earlier this year.  At that time my friend did not know who took the photo and when it was taken.  She recently found this information regarding the photo and sent it to me.  The photographer was Robert Rinker who was a field technician at the mountain laboratory weather station on Chalk Mountain (near Climax, Colorado).  Apparently Mr. Rinker did not see the object, but found it on the negatives after the film was processed.  (The above image was scanned from the print that I borrowed from my friend.)

Investigator's Notes:  It does seem unusual that an object as prominent as the one in the above photo was not seen by the photographer.  The possibility exists that the photographer was focusing on something else and did not notice the object while taking pictures.  (Perhaps the object was not visible very long.) I know that cloud seeding experiments were conducted in the Climax, Colorado area in the 1960s and 1970s.  My advisor in graduate school (Colorado State University) was involved with these experiments.  Considerable weather data was collected in this time period to evaluate these experiments.

Reference: "True Magazine", Page 22-23, Issue 3, 1969, Titled "Report on Flying Saucers."
(PDF 440K)