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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Woman Recalls Seeing Two "Dumbell Shaped" Objects in Daytime Sky

Drawing of Two Objects By Witness
Drawing of Objects Provided by Witness

Date of Sighting: July, 1989 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: About 7 PM CDT
Duration of Sighting: 5 to 7 Seconds
Date Sighting Reported: April 4, 2007
Location of Sighting: Dallas, Texas
Latitude: 32.83 Degrees North
Longitude: 96.78 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies. (Per Observation of Witness)

Description: Listen to Audio of Clip of Witness Report (MP3)
The witness phoned in her sighting and reported two "dumbell shaped" objects in the daytime sky in July of 1989. She said that she didn't feel frightened by the objects and that she reacted like "she had seen them before." She stated that the objects were very large and were of the length of her finger held at arm's length. Each object had a ring on the front and the back. The front ring was lit like a light bulb while the back was not. The lead object was hovering and the object in the rear was moving forward and catching up to the lead object. The objects were low on the horizon just above the tree line. The witness went in to fetch her husband. When they returned the objects had vanished. The witness stated that a local reporter's 14 year old son saw the same objects around the same time. The reporter's son saw three of the objects as opposed to two that were seen by the witness.

Investigator's Notes: This is a most unusual case because of the shape of the objects. I have never received a report of objects of this shape. The fact that the objects were seen in the daytime lends more weight to the quality of the sighting. The witness seemed quite sincere and accurately recalled details of her sighting. As with many UFO witnesses she was subject to ridicule when recounting the sighting to friends and family. I will be searching through UFO literature to find any other sightings in the past that resemble these objects in shape. Any updates will be posted.