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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Woman Recalls Encounter With Intelligent "Hairy" Creatures

Sample of Skin From Creature That Witness Saved in a Plastic Bag.
Sample of Skin From Creature That Witness Saved in a Plastic Bag.
(Sample is Difficult to Discern Because Sample Was Photographed in Plastic Bag.)

Sketch of Skin/Hair Sample by Witness.
Sketch of Skin/Hair Sample by Witness.

Photo of Osmocote Fertilizer Balls. Witness Stated That the Balls on the Bottom of Skin Looked Like This.
Photo of Osmocote Fertilizer Balls.
Witness Stated That the Balls on the Bottom of Skin Looked Like This.

Date of Sighting: Encounters Occurred in 1985 & 1986
Time of Sighting: Late Night & Early Morning
Location of Sighting: Western Part of Houston, Texas

Description: Note "Jane" is alias for witness name. (She describes her experience in the "third person.":

For many years now (since 1985-86) 'Jane' has been holding on to a very small chunk of hair-covered skin, with bulbs/follicles attached. She found the skin on the floor of her bedroom, after a night of alien visitation. Many times during those years, she would awaken to find them in her room, or in her son's room. Having long and very strong fingernails, she would attack them, if she could catch them, which was extremely difficult.

One morning, 'Jane' noticed that this piece of skin was laying on the floor of her bedroom (she had ice blue carpet). The hair was jet black, thicker than anything she'd ever seen before (extremely dense), and was a little more than 1/8" long.  The underneath part of the skin had these large, clear balls attached to it.

'Jane' stuck the skin in piece of plastic and stuck it in her freezer door, for a time. Over the years she would move and so just stuck it in an envelope and left it in her 'important papers' file.

Recently, 'Jane' put the piece of skin in a vacuum bag and sealed it, thinking that if there were anything remaining of any value, that might help with preservation.

'Jane' wonders if there is any interest on your part in examining it? Her experience with these little guys is such that they will intercept anything that she tries to hand over, so it should be done in person, otherwise, it will simply disappear. They are oh-so-advanced, and have managed to take a white smock from her, after she pulled it off of one of them, by lunging at him when he attempted to escape by running swiftly away. All she managed to grab was his coat, which he shed to keep her from holding on to him.

In those years, 'Jane' had so many visits by them, usually beginning when the weather cooled and lasting all through the winter and spring. After her surgical hysterectomy, the visits subsided to almost nothing. She rarely has contact these days, but expects for them to show up about once a year.

The End

Additional Information Sent by Witness: In addition, when the creatures are in the house, it sounds like a herd of goats running around like crazy. It's very strange to hear it, and there's no way to explain the sound in terms of anything you'd experience in a home. They wore little white lab-type coats. The odor they emit is that of a sweet, burning cardboard smell. Nothing about the odor is familiar to anything you'll ever smell in everyday life.

This sample is one piece of skin that has three layers:  the bottom layer is where the clear balls were attached to the underside of the skin, the middle layer is the skin itself, and the top layer is the hair. It remains all together, but a little bit of rearrangement on the edges has occurred over time. I think that it's mostly intact though.

I drew a diagram of how it looked (as best as I can recall and please take into account that I'm not an artist) the day that I found it. I'm attaching it and a photo of Osmocote fertilizer, which is what I thought of when I saw the balls attached to the skin on the underside. The only difference between the look of Osmocote and the balls is that I recall that the little balls on the skin were sort of clear looking.

From what I've seen on the popular TV/news programs, what is needed to get a DNA sample is still available on the sample.

Please remember that I have placed the skin in a Food Saver bag and pulled the air out of it. This makes it difficult to see it clearly. In looking closely (something I've not done in years), it looks like the whole thing is misshapen, most likely because it's been jostled around over the years.

I should tell you that at one time, years ago, I spoke to Dr. J. Allen Hynek, via telephone about the sample and he asked me to mail it to him. It was shortly before his passing. I knew then, as I know now, that it would never make the trip. As a matter of fact, my guess is that you'll get busy or lose interest in this item for the same reason that I've never been motivated to pursue assistance with having it examined, since the time I spoke to Dr. Hynek.

Note: I have interviewed this witness over the phone and had about a 45 minute conversation with her. She seems quite sincere and vividly recalls details of her experiences. She recalled that the "beings" put a machine by her son's ear while he was sleeping. Her son recently had surgery on this ear. (No injury was incurred by her son due to the experience.) Her son (now 30 years old) refuses to discuss these visitations. I am working with the witness to obtain a portion of the sample and submit for DNA testing. Any updates will be posted.

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