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UFOS -- 50 Years Ago Encounter at Kelly, Kentucky August 21, 1955


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creature 1
Drawing of the Creatures as Described by Witnesses


Drawing of the Craft by the One Witness Who Saw It


Three of the Witnesses to the Incident. In the Middle is
Elmer "Lucky" Sutton Discussing How the Craft Landed


Location of Incident - Kelly is About 20 Miles North of the Tennessee Border

Shortly after sunset on Sunday August 21, 1955 a flying saucer landed in a field outside of a farmhouse near Kelly, Kentucky.  For the next three or four hours a farm family was terrorized by beings who approached the farmhouse.  Several members of the family fired rifles and shotguns at the creatures.  Some of the shots hit the creatures, but had no effect.  The creatures were described as about 3 feet tall with oversized heads, huge luminous yellow eyes, big ears, long arms, and big hands ending in "talon".  The beings glowed all over with a silvery luminescence. and they seemed to float rather than walk.  (See drawing above made by one of the witnesses.)  The family finally made a run for their car and drove to Hopkinsville, Kentucky and reported the incident to the sheriff. The sheriff and other law enforcement personnel then went out to the farmhouse with the family.  They found nothing.  (Some witnesses have noted that a green luminous substance was seen in the grass in the yard.)  The law enforcement personnel then left after completing their investigation.  The family then decided to go to bed.  Almost immediately the creatures returned and more shots were fired.  The creatures again were not affected by the bullets.  Finally near dawn the creatures left and never returned.  Articles were written in several newspapers the next days and onlookers flocked to the farmhouse after hearing of the incident.

Online Resources (Downloadable ADOBE PDF):
1. August 13, 2005 - Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era Newspaper
Interview With Lonnie Lankford (Witness to Encounter)

2. January 7, 2003 - Lexington, Kentucky Herald-Leader Newspaper
Interview With Lucky Sutton's Children

3. August 23, 1955

- Indianapolis Star Newspaper
Article Right After Incident Happened

Suggested Readings:
Close Encounter at Kelly and Others of 1955 - Center For UFO Studies
The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters - Ronald D. Story (2001)
Flying Saucer Occupants - Jim & Coral Lorenzen (1967)
The Hynek UFO Report, PP 212-216 - Dr. J. Allen Hynek (1977)

Note: A film titled "The Monsters of the UFO" is coming soon from Barcon Productions.  The "Little Green Men of Kelly" part of this film will show a reconstruction of the "Kelly Incident."