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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Egg Shaped Craft Lands Near Family Home in
 Lake City, Washington


This Drawing is of the UFO as Described by DV's Mother

 Date of sighting: Approximately November, 1965 (on a school day)

 Report given by: DV, now 50. (This is a second-hand report from her mother, BD, 1918 - 2001, who was 47 at the time in 1965). 

Sighting was at family residence in residential neighborhood in Seattle (between Lake City and North City off of 145th Street ).  The home was at the point of a five-way intersection and likely quite noticeable from the air. 

DV's mother worked at Boeing and had to rise extremely early.  DV was fourteen at the time and her sister and brother were 16 and 19, respectively.  The children usually rose after the mother was already out of the house and on her way to work, although her brother, MV, was in the Air Force at the exact time of the sighting, and heard the story from his mother when he came home on leave shortly thereafter. 

This particular morning at about 4:00 a.m. , the mother was fixing her lunch at the sink when a very bright light at the front window through the blinds alerted her.  She had never seen such a bright light in her life, according to DV.  Fearing the worst (a gas explosion or a fire), she raced to the window and peered out.  What she saw was to remain fixed in her mind for the next thirty-plus years. 

She saw a large oval craft that emitted both a hum and a bright, yet hazy, blue light that pulsated noticeably.  Both the color and intensity of the light seemed unearthly to DV's mother and she repeated many times, but only to her own trusted family members, that she had never ever seen a light like that which she observed in her entire life.  The craft was sitting on at least three short tripod-like legs was made of some metallic looking material.  It had small windows around the entire portion of the craft that was visible from her direction.  The windows were like a ribbon around the horizontal girth of the craft.  Shadows of persons or beings could be seen at the window of the craft.  She was mesmerized, according to DV. 

Such a report would seem inconsequential except for the fact that DV's mother was a down to earth person who never told a lie and who never said or did anything out of the ordinary during her entire life except to relate this story over the years to her husband and children.  She warned them never ever to say anything about it to anyone.  Indeed, she told them all about it when she returned home from work that very evening although her husband was aware of it because she tried to waken him to see it before it simply vanished.  He was too late, but could tell by her trembling that something was certainly out there to have scared her like that.  As a matter of fact, he believed her every word about this event from that day until they passed away.  He too warned the children until they were adults to never breathe a word of this to anyone! 

If you knew my mother, you would know she'd never make something like that or anything!  These were the words that DV said to investigator Joe Ryan over and over.  

Although the area was built up, the point where the five roads came together was very large and blacktop at the time.  The craft was on the family's front lawn overlooking this large intersection. 

DV's picture was of a slightly flattened egg-shaped craft with a belt of windows all around it and short legs beneath.  Her best guess at the size was about 75 feet in diameter, but she never actually saw it since she was asleep the entire time.  She has since spoken to both her sister and her brother and they all had similar memories of their mother's description of the event and the craft.  She (DV) was careful not to ask leading questions and yes, they all recalled hearing their mother speak of the blue pulsating light, for example and the short legs, metallic surface and the hum. But it was the brightness of the light that their mother remembered most vividly.  Although hazy, it was a bright blue light. 

The family had no interest in UFOs before or after the event and her mother (the first-hand witness) didn't even believe that such things existed.  She only knew that her job and security clearances at Boeing would be jeopardized if anyone in the family ever let this event slip out.

Investigator Notes: The fact that this sighting occurred nearly 40 years ago and that the primary witness (DV's mother) is deceased makes this sighting impossible to verify.  Joe Ryan (co-investigator) has interviewed DV and feels that she is honest and credible.  We intend interviewing other family members who were privy to information revealed by their mother.  We hope to interview other family members and learn more about this exciting case.  Any new information will be posted on this web site.