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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Mans Recalls Abduction Experience.
He Sustained Injury From Experience.

Location in New Gloucester, Maine Where Abduction Occurred
Location in New Gloucester, Maine Where Abduction Occurred

Date of Sighting: 1973 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Evening Hours (Exact Time Unknown)
Date Sighting Reported: April 30, 2007
Location of Sighting: New Gloucester, Maine (See Map Above)
Latitude: 43.99 Degrees North
Longitude: 70.36 Degrees West
Number of Witnesses: Four
Number of Witnesses Interviewed: One
Weather: Clear Skies With Stars Visible. (Deduced From Witness Report.)

Description (In Witness's Own Words): The emotional experience of my abduction never stops. We were taken onboard & released the morning after. I did report the abduction to the authorities & what a mistake that was. I did go to a local hospital for a checkup as my nose was bleeding and the whites of my eyes were deep orange and my lungs ached when breathing. I was very concerned about all of this & then when the nurse read my height measurement as being 5'09", I told her that she was incorrect as I am over 5'10" & she rechecked the scale & told me again 5'09". When my brother & I arrived home & our mom had seen us, first she wanted to know were we both had been & then she yelled at us saying "What happened??? You both have shrunk what is wrong with your eyes???. At this point I ran to the bathroom mirror and saw that I did not look right. I showed the authorities my 18th birthday photo taken about two weeks before our abduction & told them to examine my high school medical records for my physical size & please make out the comparison between then and how I am now (at the time) and I asked them how many 18 year olds lose an inch overnight? I may not recall exactly everything today of the experience, however I still retain enough memory about it.

Second Report (In Witness's Own Words): Thanks for writing. I forwarded a copy of your letter to my brother S. (name abbreviated to protect anonymity of witness). I will do my best to recall everything. First of all, we were all in our teen years during this experience. We had seen unconventional flying objects before 1973, but this one really got our attention.The location can be viewed at: Just north passed area #4 is where we were abducted at the intersection of route #26 & Outlet road & Shaker Village road which was later renamed Quarry road.We at first had been followed by a UFO along side the driver's side for several miles towards Middle Range pond & took a sharp left at this point and we proceeded to head towards Oxford, Me.We turned around by the Oxford Plains Speedway & headed back the same way we had came.The extra strange stuff began when we reached the Apple orchard by the intersections I have already afore mentioned.We noticed that all traffic had ceased on this usually busy & well travelled road and it the sun had gone down awfully fast & now the stars appeared & were HUGE as if I could reach out to them. We noticed the usual cricket sounds for this area were missing and I could feel & hear my heart beating in my ears as it seemed like we were inside a vacuumed bottle, all we could hear is us talking to each other & all the usual outside noises were silenced. We saw the UFO all of a sudden hovering by a tree that to this day still is the only tree seated just in front of the apple orchard.This UFO was big & round & lit up orange & totally quiet & we all just stared at it for what we thought at the time was just about one hour. On our way back home it became daylight way too soon & I asked my friend & owner & driver of the 1967 Tan Chevy Nova we all road in to head towards the Auburn, Me police department as I wanted to inform the police of this event. We were about to encounter more strange stuff in which much later on had proved to by very significant. I will close my letter to you at this time & will continue to write on this experience each night as I can as the day time is very busy for me. So long for now.

Investigator's Notes: 1973 was a "wave year" for close encounters and UFO reports. Perhaps this case is another one of the many in that time period. The experience must have been traumatic for the witness given that he vividly remembers details of the experience. The witness is trying to get in touch with his brother who also experienced the abduction. Any updates to this case will be posted.