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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Flight Attendant Recalls "Unearthly" Passengers on Aircraft

Aircraft Flight Route.
Aircraft Flight Route.

Date of Sighting: 1985 to 1989 (Date Unknown)
Time of Sighting: Daytime (Exact Time Unknown)
Location of Sighting: On Airline Flight From Palm Springs, CA to Portland, OR (See Map)

Description: The witness is a flight attendant and has been employed for the same airline for 29 years. To assure confidentiality the witness did not disclose the airline where she was employed. She related an incident that occurred on a flight from Palm Springs to Portland in the mid to late 1980s. The flight made a stop in San Francisco. (See above map showing flight path.) Three of the passengers that boarded in Palm Springs seemed quite unusual. There was a man estimated to be about 30, a boy about 8 years old, and a middle aged man. The 30 year old had very piercing eyes and an unusual forehead. The flight attendant and other crew members thought that he was quite unusual in appearance and demeanor. The three boarded without any carryon luggage and were dressed in "Sears Roebuck" work clothing according to the witness.

After the flight took off the 30 year old (sat in seat 23D) asked the flight attendant the mass and velocity of the aircraft. She thought that was a very strange question. When ordering drinks and food the man did not seem to understand names of food and drinks and only named preferences after the attendant listed what was available. The other two in the party never spoke. The man in 23D would always repeat everything that was said to them.

Later in the flight the man became conversant with another passenger seated ahead of him. The flight attendant sat by someone who she knew (and didn't like) just to hear the conversation. She stated that the man asked very unusual questions and repeated everything that was said to him to the other two passengers seated by him (The 8 year old and middle aged man).

Later in the flight the man asked if a restroom was available. The flight attendant pointed it out to him. When he started to return to his seat the flight attendant approached him and asked him his age. He didn't respond. He apparently told her that he "had been to other planets."

Once the flight ended at Portland the flight attendant deplaned along with the passengers. In concourse the man approached the flight attendant and said to her why did you sit by someone that you hated? The flight attendant felt angst because this man could read her mind. He also said you asked how old I am? I am light years old? She too felt strange like this was no joke and that he was serious. She also later saw the three passengers board a limousine with darkened windows. She thought this was unusual for three people dressed in work clothing.

The witness concluded that she had never before or since the above incident ever experienced anything like this. Apparently other crew members felt the same.

Note: I talked to the witness for over an hour. She was very concerned about her anonymity, but wanted to tell her story. I have no doubt that she is a flight attendant as she knew things (and procedures) about aircraft that only someone in her position would know. She obviously wanted no publicity and asked for no compensation. She also related that she had been married to an Air Force Serviceman who was involved in top secret projects. She had thought that he had stints of duty at Area 51. (He never admitted it to her, but as well did not deny it.) He was gone to air bases in Nevada for long periods of time during their marriage.

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