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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Large Red Sphere Hovers in Day Sky & Then Speeds Away

Diagram of Sighting Prepared by Witness.
Diagram of Sighting Prepared by Witness.

Pasco is in the Desert in Southeastern Washington.
Pasco is in the Desert in Southeastern Washington.

Date of Sighting: July 5, 1977
Time of Sighting: Mid Morning or Afternoon
Location of Sighting: Pasco, Washington

Description: A red sphere the size of a very large beach ball or balloon was hovering above a power pole directly above me. When I noticed it, it sped away as fast as an airplane or extremely fast car and disappeared. Other neighborhood kids witnessed it, but we did not see it approach. We were out collecting the spent fireworks pieces from the night before (when it was legal to shoot off fireworks in the street on 4th of July). There was no traffic, just cows out in the pasture in front of us. It was early to mid afternoon, not windy and maybe a few clouds in the sky. What we saw was not a balloon, nor was it anything we had ever seen before, in the sky. It seemed to sense we were looking at it, and then it immediately left. We lived fairly close to the Pasco Airport, and often heard approaching jets and sonic booms, and were familiar with crop dusters and helicopters that landed nearby. This was nothing at all like an aircraft. It was simply a big, red, round ball. We didn't think our parents would believe us, because we were still kids. I was 7 years old, but knew a lot about aircraft, because my stepfather was a pilot who taught flying lessons at the local airport. We often flew in our private airplane several times on a jetliner to visit relatives. I was familiar with how things took off, flew, landed or hovered. I remember sitting in the back of our pickup truck in our driveway the rest of the day, waiting to see if we saw it again. I have been trying to get in touch with old neighborhood kids to see if they have the same memory of it as I do. It has been 34 years since that day, but I remember it like it just happened today.

Note: This sighting occurred a day after a close encounter with a flying saucer near Yakima, Washington. It is doubtful that the two sightings are related, but it is interesting. Initially one would think that the witnesses saw a balloon, but the witness has presented a good argument that the object wasn't a balloon. (Especially given that it flew away rapidly after hovering.)

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