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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Navy Veteran Claims to Have Seen Debris From Roswell UFO Crash

Aerial View of San Diego Naval Base. Source:
Aerial View of San Diego Naval Base. Source:

Date of Sighting: 1979 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time: Not Known
Location of Sighting: 32 Street Naval Base (San Diego, California)

Description: I was a quartermaster (QM) on the USS FFG-3 Schofield in 1979 when I was ordered to report to take a broken time piece to a controlled part of the 32 Street Navy Base to a warehouse with armed guards. The guards were waiting for us when we got there. There was a yellow line in a arc shape at the doorway and two guards were setting there with M16 rifles. They told us to wait there. While they were gone somewhere inside the warehouse I walked inside the doorway and saw two large train blast cars. They were like nothing I had ever seen before. They were thick walled nuke blast cars of some kind. I walked over and looked them over for a few minutes. The dust on the windows was thick and old more then 20 years and the glass was thick 2 or 3 inches thick like blast glass in a ship's bridges windows. The tag on the front door read and I am very clear about what it said: " Roswell." One of the tags had patterns of numbers. The first car was about 1/3 full of what looked like plane wreckage or some kind of satellite debris not like anything I had ever seen before. At the time I could id dozens of ships and planes by sight alone. The cars were about 32-34 ft long and the front 20 feet had this type of wreckage. The back 1/3 or so of this front car had plastic sheeting hanging like a hospital room. I could not see through the dust on the windows to see in the plastic room. I don't know what was in the back train car. I heard the guards coming back and walked back over by the doorway to have one of the guards ask me what the heck was I doing. He could have shot me for stepping over the line I am glad they did not see me standing by the train cars seconds before they came back. I am sure I would not be here typing if they had. I am 100% positive what these tags said. I read it 3 times to make sure. The tags said "Roswell." At the time I had no idea they were talking about Roswell. Yes I would be willing to take a polygraph or help prove what I am saying is true. I can prove what I am saying is true. The only other marking on the front train car was a 2 1/2 inch small blue bird painted on the door with a large 20 inch to 2 ft atomic radiation symbol. I have never felt safe after that day. I was watched by the navy officers more then most. This conflict ended in me being written up and a cover up. Ii can prove this. They made me "rewrite 1/3 of the ships log" in a new log book. Check it for yourself. It broke navigational international law to change a ship's log.

Note: This is an interesting story, but the witness has not provided any documentation proving that he was in the Navy and where he was stationed. The naval base that he mentioned is real and the ship is real. His report is difficult to follow and has been edited to clarify details. Some statements were deleted because they were unclear. The veteran certainly seems convinced that he saw something unusual and that it could have been debris from the alleged 1947 Roswell crash. However, more facts are needed to accept this account. Any veterans who may have seen these rail cars or Roswell debris at this base are urged to file a report.