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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

USS Scholfield

Photo of USS Schofield.
Photo of USS Schofield.

USS SCHOFIELD was the third of a new class of U.S. Navy combatant ships, the guided Missile Ocean Escort. Commissioned on May 11, 1968, she was the first ship of the Navy to bear the name of Admiral Frank H. Schofield, USN. Designed for the primary purpose of combating enemy submarines, SCHOFIELD would be employed defensively as an escort ship or offensively as a member of Submarine Hunter-Killer force. To enable her to preform her missions effectively, she was equipped with the most sophisticated weapons systems of the Navy's ASW arsenal including a long range bow-mounted Sonar, ASROC, and acoustic-homing torpedoes. SCHOFIELD also carried a Tartar Surface-to-Air missile system and a 5"/38 caliber semi-automatic dual purpose gun mount. The USS Schofield was decomissioned in 1988.