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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Man and Brother See UFO Hover Over Driveway


Location: About 8 Miles Northeast of Sandpoint, Idaho
(On Gold Creek Road)
Date: Late August or Early September, 1969 (Exact Date Unknown)
Time: 10 PM
Number of Witnesses: Two

Description:  A man and his brother were returning home and sighted a strange light hovering over the driveway of their home.  As they approached the light grew, moved about 4 to 6 feet off the ground, and moved into the street.  The light grew from about 2 feet in diameter to 9 feet in diameter as it moved into the street.  The light then shot up at about an 80 degree angle and disappeared.  No markings were seen in the driveway where the UFO had been positioned.  The man's parents were home at the time, but were asleep and did not see the light.  Apparently a couple of weeks later the parents saw a strange white light in their backyard.

Investigation:  After the initial report was made the witness was interviewed by phone.  The witness recalls several details of the sighting.  His brother was not interviewed.  I checked other databases (National UFO Reporting Center) and Project Bluebook to see if other sightings had been made in this area at around this time.  Two UFO sightings were recorded in the Bluebook files. These sightings occurred south of Twin Falls, Idaho in late October, 1969.  One sighting was explained as due to a rocket launch and other was due to astronomical phenomena.  These two sightings in Idaho were the closest with respect to date in Idaho in the Bluebook files.  If time permitted a search of local newspaper archives could verify if other witnesses reported sightings in the area at this time.

Conclusion: This sighting occurred 35 years ago and only one witness experienced the sighting.  For this reason little can be concluded.

Bottom Line:  More data needed.