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Sighting Reports Previous to 1990

Mysterious Entities Photographed in March of 1970 

Two Pictures Above Are Computer Generated Sketches


Photo Above is Photo of Atom Bomb Test Found in Same Box With Photos of Entities.

Background:  These photos were taken by a University Professor in the Eastern U.S. in March of 1970.  Many doctors have identified the subjects in these photos as hydrocephalus.  However, many questions remain unanswered:

  • The subjects in these photos fit description of humanoids recovered from crashed saucers in 1940s.
  • Subjects had no sex organs
  • Subjects were severely burned in cranial area
  • Subjects had large heads and very small bodies
  • Subjects had no naval
  • Subjects had web type hands
  • Subjects had no visible ribs

Comments:  Many reputable medical people have looked at the original photos of these subjects and concluded that they are human and probably suffered from hydrocephalus.  However, many doctors have said that they have never seen anything resembling these entities.  No connection has been made with UFO crashes and these entities.  It is thought that the entities could have been preserved and could have been dead for several years when the photos were taken.  Some evidence has been produced that the photographer was wearing bio-protective gear when shooting photos.  Another possibility is that the subjects were involved in radiation experiments.  The photo of the atom bomb test has been identified as a test at the Nevada Test Site dated May 1, 1952.  The test was labeled as "Project Dog."  The blast was 19 kilotons.