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Sighting Reports 1997

July 21, 1997 - Cle Elum, WA
UFO Shines Blinding Light in Woman's Eyes

July 18, 1997 - Marco Island, Florida
Man Recalls Sighting Dark Brown Object That Streaked in Night Sky

Summer, 1997 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Four Witness Black Spheres in the Sky in a "Rough" Rectangular Formation

Summer, 1997 - Fisher, West Virginia (About 50 Miles WNW of Washington, D.C.)
Woman Sees 3 Black Triangular Objects Hovering Low Over Her Home

May, 1997 - Guntersville, Alabama
Man Sees "Bubble-Shaped" UFO Over Cow Pasture

April 12, 1997 - Hordaland, Norway
Witness Sees Low Flying Triangular Object. Later Experiences "Flashbacks."

March 13, 1997 - Black Canyon City, Arizona
Family of Five See huge Black Triangle With 7 Lights

January 6, 1997 - Herington, Kansas
Couple Have Close Encounter With huge Low Flying Object in Night Sky