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Sighting Reports 1999

November 10, 1999 - Spottsville, Kentucky
Man Sees Jetliner Avoid UFO. Military Jets Pursue UFO.

October 3, 1999 - Houston, Texas
Two Witnesses Experience "Frozen Time" in Vicinity of Disk Shaped Object

Summer, 1999 - Walnut Creek, California
Family Recalls Seeing Flying Saucer on Clear, Sunny Day.

August, 1999 or 2000 - Tomball, Texas
Man Sees "Glass Tube-Like" Object Hover Over Traffic & Abruptly Disappear.

Spring, 1999 - Near Meadview, Arizona
Couple Sight Black Aircraft That Hovered 5 Min & Then Rapidly Sped Away.

January or February, 1999 - Amidon, North Dakota
Mother & Daughter Have Strange Encounter With the Unknown