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Sighting Reports 2000

Summer, 2000 - Clinton, Missouri
Man Sees Diamond Shaped Craft the Size of a "Go Kart" Fly Overhead

September, 2000 - (Reported March 21, 2005) - Devon, England
Man Spots Large Strange Shaped Object

Aug., 2000 - Bellevue, WA -
Lady Interviewed Who Met Project Bluebook Investigators in 1952

August 15, 2000 - 14 Miles East of North Bend, Washington
Campers Have Terrifying Encounter With Unknown Beings

July, 2000 - Bay City, Wisconsin
Huge Triangular Object Seen

May 25, 2000 - Centerport, New York
Man Recalls Seeing Fast Moving Light, Stop & Split Into 3 Lights.

April 20, 2000 - Jacksonville, Florida
10 Medical Workers See Large Round Light With Smaller Colored Lights Around Edge

April, 2000 - Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
Couple See Green Sphere Descending From Sky

Winter, 2000 - Valdosta, Georgia
Woman Saw Boomerang Shaped Craft Hovering About 100 Feet Above Highway

February, 2000 - Biloxi, Mississippi
Large Triangular Shaped Object May Have Caused Power Outage

2000 (Exact Date Unknown - Remote Area About 15 MI WSW of Olympia, WA
Man Recalls See Flying Disk Perched on Logging Road

January 1, 2000 - Washington, DC
Three Cylindrical Objects Seen in Sky at Millennium Celebration