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Sighting Reports 2006

UFO Sighting Investigative Reports

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2006 - Cleveland, Ohio
Witness Recalls Encounter With Green Crystal in Living Room

December 31, 2006 - Carlsbad, California
Woman Takes Photo of White Orb While Photographing Sunset

December 31, 2006 - Los Angeles, California Area (Long Beach)
Several Witness See Erratic Moving Reddish-Orange Lights

December 30, 2006 - Manteca, California
Woman Takes Video of Streaking Object With Trail

December 27, 2006 - Rancho Cucamonga, California
Two Witness Green Emerald-Like Object Falling From Sky

December 26, 2006 - Mentor, Ohio (About 25 Miles Northeast of Cleveland)
Man Sights Hovering Triangular Shaped Aircraft

December 24, 2006 - Manteca, California
Couple See Huge Circular Object That Exhibited a Spinning Motion

December 21, 2006 - Ossett, West Yorkshire, England
Two Claim to Have Been Abducted by Alien Entities. Lost 10 Hours Time

December 20, 2006 - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Man Photographs Dark Flying Object While Driving in Blizzard

December 19, 2006 - Near Concord, New Hampshire
Three Witnesses See Bright Stationary Light With Changing Colors While Driving

December 18 or 19, 2006 - Downtown Los Angeles, California
Man Sights White Cylindrical Shaped Object in Daytime Sky

December 16, 2006 - Crosby, Texas
Woman Terrified by Close Encounter With Strange Entity That Had Red Eyes

December 12, 2006 - Clayton, Georgia
Witness Reports Round Dark Brown Object. Witness's Dog Became Excited.

December 11, 2006 - Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada
Woman Takes Photo of Two Hovering Metallic Objects

December 10, 2006 - Arva, Ontario (Near London, Ontario)
Woman Takes Photo of Unusual White Mass

December 9, 2006 - Eastman, Georgia
Woman Sees Long Strip of Light With "Glow Stick" Like Appearance

December 9, 2006 - Sharonville, Ohio
Flying Lights Stacked in Vertical Formation Seen. Lights Were Flashing on Each Side

December 9, 2006 - Grove City/Orient, Ohio
Two Witnesses See Erratic Moving Yellow Light Emit Red Beam

December 4, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Takes Video Of Object With Large Red Lights & Smaller White Lights

December 3, 2006 - Chester, Virginia (Suburb of Richmond)
Two Youths Frightened by Close Encounter With Flying Disk

December 2, 2006 - Nellis Air Force Base Bombing Range, Nevada (Area 51)
Google Earth Image Shows Strange Disk Object Ascending From Desert

December 2, 2006 - 10 Miles North of Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada
Woman Snaps Photo of Irregular Shaped Dark Object

December 2, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Takes Video of Black Triangle Flying Over Her House

December 1, 2006 - Near Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada
Couple Take Photo of Strange Orb Close to Deer in Their Backyard

November 28, 2006 - San Francisco, California
Witness Sees Object Make Series of Abrupt Stops & Directional Changes

November 28, 2006 - Near Snohomish, Washington
Law Enforcement Officer & Wife See Dark Diamond Shaped Object With Hazy Edges

November 27, 2006 - Woburn, Massachusetts
Three Witnesses See Nighttime Time Sky Flash to Daytime Brightness For Two Seconds

November 27, 2006 - Near Milford, California
Man Sees Black Disc Appear Atop a Mountain & Beam Down Light

November 25, 2006 - Chauvin, Louisiana
Man Takes Photo of Boats. Later Notices Strange Object in One of Photos

November 24, 2006 - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Witness Sees Several Objects That Moved Fast, Slow, & Erratic

November 23, 2006 - Glen Burnie, Maryland (Baltimore Area)
Man Sees 3 Fast Moving Fireballs in Triangular Formation

November 23, 2006 - Smithers, British Columbia, Canada
Woman & Two Kids See Silver Object Turn on Its Side & Move Over Mountains

November 17, 2006 - About 20 Miles East of Flagstaff, Arizona
Two Women See Object Hovering Near Highway While Driving West Towards Flagstaff

November 16, 2006 - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Woman Sees Metallic Object That Seemed to Change Shape

November 15, 2006 - Beverly Hills, Florida
Man Shoots Photos of Formation of Lights That Changed Configuration

November 12, 2006 - Ontario, California
Multiple Witnesses See Large Spherical Object in Daytime Sky

November 11, 2006 - Between Lebanon & Albany, Oregon
Two Witnesses See Silver Disk Shaped Object Hovering Below Rain Clouds

November 11, 2006 - Marrakech, Morocco
Man Snaps Photo of Object While Photographing Mosque

November 7, 2006 - O' Hare Airport - Chicago, Illinois
Several United Airlines Employees Spot Flying Saucer Hovering Over Passenger Gate

November 5, 2006 - Palos Verdes, California
Man Shoots Several Photos of White Object

November 5, 2006 - Atkinson, New Hampshire (About 40 Miles N. of Boston)
Woman Sees Object With 2 Rows of Parallel Lights Fly Low Over Highway

November 4, 2006 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Man Sees Triangular Shaped Object Detach Into Two Objects

November 4, 2006 - Mountain View, Hawaii (Big Island)
Witness Sees Triangular Shaped Object Along With Several Balls of Light

November 4, 2006 - Cleveland, Ohio
Woman Sees Bronze Colored Triangle With Orange & White Lights Flying Northward

November 3, 2006 - Newtonsville, Ohio
Woman Sees Object With 3 Lights & Emitting Humming Sound. Object Zipped Away

November, 2006 - Pittsburg, California
Woman Takes Video of "Gold Fish" Shaped Flying Object

October, 2006 - Bronx, New York
Strange Object Shows Up on "Street View" Google Earth Images"

Late October, 2006 - Cherokee, North Carolina
Family Sees Objects That Changed Colors in Early Evening Sky Just Before Sunset

October 30, 2006 - Boise, Idaho
Witness Says Entity Took Photo of Itself With Cell Phone Camera

October 30, 2006 - Terra Bella, California
Woman Sees Large Cylindrical Object With Lights Disappear Into a Cloud

October 30, 2006 - Sacramento, California
Man Takes Photo of Unknown Objects in Sky

October 28, 2006 - Queen Charlotte, British Columbia, Canada
Woman Sees "Extremely" Bright Light Move Rapidly Across Night Sky

October 24, 2006 - Naval Shipyard - Bremerton, Washington
Three Navymen See Yellowish-White Ball Fly Slowly Over Aircraft Carrier

October 22, 2006 - Litchfield, Connecticut
Woman Terrified by Deafening Sound and Blue Light Shining Through Bedroom Window

October 22, 2006 - Chapmanville, West Virginia
Two Youths Frightened by Flying Silver Disk With Flashing Red and Green Lights

October 22, 2006 - Irving, Texas
Two Witnesses See Bright Red Fireball Falling From Sky

October 21, 2006 - Near High Hill, Missouri on Interstate-70
Couple See Two Grey Objects Hovering Above Ground in Rainstorm

October 18, 2006 - 25 Miles South of Portland, Oregon
Woman Sees Colored Lights Flying in Triangular Formation

October 17, 2006 - Gary, Indiana
Man Riding on Bus Sees Flying Object With 3 Red Flashing Lights Abruptly Change Direction

October 16, 2006 - San Antonio, Texas
Woman and Two Kids See Circular Grey Colored Object in Night Sky

October 14, 2006 - Coconut Grove, Florida
Couple See Object That Exhibited Pattern of Hovering Followed By Rapid Movement

October 12 , 2006 - Near Wash. D.C. On Flight From Ft. Lauderdale to Boston
Man Sees Disk Shaped Object From Airliner Window

October 11, 2006 - Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada
Man & Son See 3 Dull White Lights Flying in Triangular Formation

October 9, 2006 - Near Madison, Wisconsin
Two Witnesses See Two White Blinding Lights Move Rapidly Across Sky

October 7, 2006 - Easley, South Carolina
Man & Daughter See White Object Follow Jetliner

October 2, 2006 - Granite Falls, Washington
Teen Claims to Have Another "Close Encounter"

Mid October, 2006 - Irving, Texas
Woman Terrified by Close Encounter With Bluish/Aqua-Green Orb

September 29, 2006 - Batavia, Ohio
Man & Son See Two Bright Lights Hover & Then Shoot Straight Up and Disappear

September 26, 2006 - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Man Takes Several Photos of Strange Object

September 25, 2006 - Des Moines, Washington
Circular Object With Line Down Middle Seen Flying on a Foggy Morning

September 20, 2006 - Clearwater, Florida
Man Sees Slow Moving Large Boomerang Shaped Craft With Green Lights

September 18, 2006 - Carolina Beach, North Carolina
Man and Son See Silver Orb Close to Aircraft. Orb Then Suddenly Disappeared

September 14, 2006 - Hyden, Kentucky
Man Sees Large Green Orb That Executed Unusual Aerial Maneuvers

September 11, 2006 - Port Angeles, Washington
Couple Sight Slow Moving Light That Left Trail

September 11, 2006 - Western Washington State
Several Witness Strange Light That Was Later Explained

September 7-9, 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Man Sees UFO While Video Taping Contrails

September 7, 2006 - Everett, Washington
Mother & Daughter See Two Bright Lights Aligned Vertically

September 6, 2006 - Denton, Texas (Dallas-Ft. Worth Area)
Man Snaps of Photo of Disk Shaped Object With a "Pink Glow"

September 6, 2006 - Rogue River, Oregon
Fishing Guide Snaps Photo. Strange Object Discovered in Background of Photo.

First Week September, 2006 - Waterville/Wenatchee, Washington
Man Sees Erratic Moving Lights on Several Nights

August 31, 2006 - Portland, Texas
Couple Observe Navy Jet Pursue Diamond Shaped Object

August 28, 2006 - Goldsboro, North Carolina
Several Witnesses Sight Light Moving Northward With "Zig-Zag" Motion

August 28, 2006 - Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
Man Observes Yellow/Orange Lights Flying in a Triangular Pattern

August 26, 2006 - Palm Bay, Florida
Several Witnesses See Multicolored Lights Exhibiting Unusual Maneuvers

August 22, 2006 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Man Sees Three Lights Appear Sequentially That Emitted a "Humming" Sound

August 21, 2006 - Factoryville, Pennsylvania
Man Takes Photos in Backyard. Later Discovers Airborne Black Object in One of Photos

August 19, 2006 - Trout Lake, Washington
Man Sees Lights in a Triangular Formation Through "Night-Time" Vision Binoculars

August 17, 2006 - Nanjing, China
Video Taken. Is a Real UFO or a Hoax?

August 17, 2006 - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Erratic Moving Bright Object Seen. Object Ejected Smaller Objects

August 16, 2006 - Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Man Captures Diamond Shaped Object on Video

August 14, 2006 - Pasco, Washington
Woman Takes Video of Strange Lights in Open Field

August 14, 2006 - Edgewater, Florida
Couple See Cigar Shaped Object While Observing Perseid Meteor Showers

August 13, 2006 - New York City, New York (The Bronx)
Witness Shoots Photo of UFO That Changed Color and Shape

August, 2006 - Key West, Florida
Photo Taken of Light in Sky Near Sunset

1976 - August, 2006
Woman Claims to Experience Multiple Contacts With Extraterrestrials

July 30, 2006 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Man and Son See Weird Object While Flying Kite

July 24, 2006 - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Two Witnesses See Rapid Moving Object That Flashed Blue & Red Colors

July 20, 2006 - Idaho Falls, Idaho
Woman Snaps of Photo of Slow Moving White Object Near Sunset

July 20, 2006 - Chianti, Italy
Vacationeers Snap Scenic Photo. Later Discover Object on Photo

July 19, 2006 - Along St. John River, Perth-Andover, New Brunswick, Canada
Couple Snap Photo of Black Triangular Shaped Object

July 18, 2006 - British Virgin Islands (Tortola)
Man Takes a Sequence of Photos and Later Discovers Unknown Objects in Photos

July 16, 2006 - New Auburn, Wisconsin
Huge Airborne Silent Object Suddenly Vanishes

July 16, 2006 - Dorset, Ontario, Canada
Man Sees Light With Incandescent Glow Descend & Then Rapidly Ascend

July 15, 2006 - Palm Coast, Florida
Man Sees Two Lights Move in Erratic Pattern Across Sky

July 10, 2006 - Portland, Oregon
Woman Snaps Photo of Unknown Object

July 10, 2006 - Portland, Oregon
Youth Frightened By Two Objects in Sky

July 9, 2006 - Eugene, Oregon
Man Sees Slow Moving, White Starlike Object in Daytime Sky

July 5, 2006 - Pittsburgh, California
Still Image Extracted From Video Reveals Image of a "Face"

July 4, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Shoots Photos of Object Shaped Like a Shield

July 4, 2006 - Bonney Lake, Washington
Woman Sees Large Light That Increased in Size

July 2, 2006 - Bradenton, Florida
Man Video Tapes Streaking Object While Filming Sailboats

July 2, 2006 - Bradenton, Florida
Man Video Tapes Rapid Moving Object

July 1, 2006 - Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Man Reports Lights of Varying Colors That Respond to Signals From Flashlight

July 1, 2006 - Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Couple Take Video of Pulsating Light That Changed Shape

July, 2006 - Kirkland, Washington
Man Sees Large "Cinder Block" Shaped Flying Object That Moving Very Fast

Summer, 2006 - Kirkland, Washington
Man Sees Large Rectangular Object Hovering in Aircraft Traffic Pattern

June 30, 2006 - Hollis, Oklahoma
Photo of Strange Object Captured by "Deer Camera"

June 30, 2006 - Sarasota, Florida
Man Finds Fast Moving Objects While Viewing Vacation Videos

June 29, 2006 - Monroe, Washington
Witness Sees Huge Silent Triangular Shaped Object

June 27, 2007 - Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin
Man Sees Round Metallic Object in Mid Day Sky

June 26, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Takes Video of Fast Moving Object

June, 24, 2006 - Mill Creek, Washington
Couple See Bright Light Move in a "Zig-Zag" Motion

June 15, 2006 - West Seattle, Washington
Man Takes Several Photos of "V" Shaped Objects

June 13, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Takes Photo of UFO Near Helicopter

June 11, 2006 - Chatsworth, California
Woman Takes Photo of Grey-Metallic Object

June 6, 2006 - Palm Coast, Florida
Man Sees Navy Jets Pursuing Bright Round Object

June 5, 2006 - San Jose, California
Woman Sees Gold Colored "S" Shaped Object

May 31, 2006 - Palm Coast, Florida
Man Sees Navy Jets Pursuing Bright Round Object

May 31, 2006 - Cucamonga, California
Woman Sights Orange Disk-Like Object

May 29, 2006 - Camano Island, Washington
Man Watches Erratic Moving Light That Changed Directions Several Times

May 29, 2006 - Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada
Man Sees Big Group of Lights Fly in Boomerang Formation

May 28, 2006 - Regents Park, Queensland, Australia
Video of Strange Object Taken

May 27, 2006 - Manorville, New York
Man Sees Black "Sled-Like" Object Flying Low in Daytime Sky

May 26, 2006 - On I-44 Between Springfield & Joplin, Missouri (SW Missouri)
Two See Egg Shaped Object Flying Close to Ground

May 22, 2006 - Los Angeles, California
Witness Sees Several White Objects Flying Over Downtown Los Angeles 

May 20, 2006 - Yucca Valley, California
Couple Take Several Photos of Strange Lights

May 19, 2006 - Lemon Grove, California
Witness Sees Luminescent Triangular Shaped Object Flying North

May 18, 2006 - Kent, Washington
Three Witnesses See Red, Blue, Flashing Lights Fly in Circles Near Airport

May 16, 2006 - Granite Falls, Washington
Youth Sees Flying Disk. Four Orbs Were Sighted Near the Disk

May 16, 2006 - Bow, Washington
Unknown Aerial Object Comes Close to Car. Photo Taken.

May 9, 2006 - Gillam, Manitoba, Canada
Photo Session of Bears at Dump Reveals Flying Saucer Type Object

May 8, 2006 - Whidbey Island, Washington
Man Sights Triangular Shaped Object Flying Low Over Trees

May 8, 2006 - Whidbey Island, Washington
Man Sees Pyramid Shaped Object the Size of Football Field

May 1, 2006 - New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Witness Sees Huge Bright Light Move Very Slowly & Burn Out

April-May, 2006 - Issaquah, Washington
Woman Takes Photo of 2 Flying Saucers in Daytime Sky

April-May, 2006 - Amsterdam, New York
Truck Driver Sees Hovering Egg Shaped Object Disappear Into a Cloud

April 30, 2006 - Portland, Oregon
Woman Sees Diamond Shaped Object Near Midnight

April 29, 2006 - San Antonio, Texas
Several Witnesses See Three Lights Flying Around Each Other

April 28, 2006 - Vansant, Virginia
Witness Claims to Have Seen Person Abducted by Being From Flying Saucer

April 28, 2006 - Califon, New Jersey
Youth Says He Had Close Encounter With Flying Saucer With Occupants

April 28, 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Man Sees Object Described as "5 Times Larger Than Stealth Aircraft"

April 28, 2006 - Waterhen Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Several Witnesses Have Close Encounter With Red "Flaming" Lights

April 23, 2006 - Houston, Texas
Man Sees Triangular Shaped Object Float & Then Accelerate Away

April 22, 2006 - Chupadero, New Mexico (3 Miles North of Santa Fe)
Man Sees 2 Lights in A White Cloud Chase Each Other in Circular Motion

April 15, 2006 - Estepona, Spain
Woman Sees Huge Object Size of A House Surrounded by Cloudy Mist

April 15, 2006 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Man Sees Dots in Daytime Sky That Moved Rapidly, Stopped, & Sped Off

April 14, 2006 - Howell, Michigan
Man Sees Oval Shaped Object With Black Line Running Down Middle

April 13, 2006 - Round Rock, Texas
Two Witnesses Sight Flying Prism That Hovered for About 45 Minutes

April 12, 2006 - Crestview, Florida
Witnesses See A Triangular Shaped Object With 15 to 20 Lights

April 10, 2006 - Santa Ana, California
Several School Kids See Red Oval Shaped Object Emitting Strange Noise

April 7, 2006 - Los Banos, California
Man Sees Hovering UFO Emit Emit a White Stream of Light

April 5, 2006 - Tacoma, Washington
Witness Sights Bright Green Fireball

April 5, 2006 - Joshua Tree National Park, California
Couple See Boomerang Shaped Red Object.  Photo Taken

April 4, 2006 - Baltimore, Maryland
Several Witnesses See White Light With Green Outline

April 3, 2006 - El Monte, California
Two Witnesses See Large Triangular Spit Flames & Fly in Circles 

April 3, 2006 - El Monte, California
Several Witnesses Have Daytime Sighting of Flying Triangle

April 3, 2006 - Los Angeles, California
TV News Anchor Says That She Saw Stealth Aircraft

March 31, 2006 - Winchester, Massachusetts
Man Sees Huge Light Size of Sun Hover & Then Shot Off in Straight Line

March 31, 2006 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Man Sees Object Exhibit Rapid "Jerky" Movements at High Speed

March 30, 2006 - Near Yakima, Washington
Witness Sees Triangular Shaped Object. Exhaust Was Coming From Bottom

March 28, 2006 - Solon, Ohio
Man Sees Cigar Shaped Object Move Slowly & Then Vanish

March 27, 2006 - Birmingham, Alabama
Man Sees "Kite-Like" Object Hovering. Object Abruptly Disappeared

March 26, 2006 - Dundee, Oregon
Man Sees Large Cigar Shaped Object Fly Over His Car

March 26, 2006 - San Jose, California
Woman Takes Video of Bright Red Object 

March 25, 2006 - Burbank, California
Man Photographs Black Orb That Hovered & Then Moved Away

March 24, 2006 - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
Man Sees White Disk Hover & Then Shoot Straight Up & Disappear

March 24, 2006 - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Man Sees Two Circular Objects With "Cone Tail" Ascend Rapidly 

March 23, 2006 - Astoria, Oregon
Man Takes Photo of Strange Object From Balcony of Hotel

March 20, 2006 - Holland, Michigan
Family Sees Two Lights in Sky Blinking Very Slowly

March 19, 2006 - Brooklyn, New York
Man Takes Photos of Flag & Later Notices White Mass in Photos

March 17, 2006 - Paris, France
Object Shows Up in Photo Taken Near Eiffel Tower

March 17, 2006 - Between Poplarville & Baxterville, Mississippi
Photos of Orb Taken With Wild Game Camera

March 17, 2006 - Commerce Township, Michigan
Woman & Son See Flying Rectangular Object While Driving

March 16, 2006 - On Aircraft About 100 Miles West of Denver, Colorado
Man Takes Video of Two Unknown Objects From Aircraft Window

March 16, 2006 - Tacoma, Washington
Woman Sees One Light Move Rapidly, Split in Two, & Reverse Direction

March 16, 2006 - On Aircraft About 100 Miles West of Denver, Colorado
Man Takes Video of Two Unknown Objects From Aircraft Window

March 15, 2006 - Washington, DC
Man Sees Bright Burst of Light & Then UFO in Daytime Sky

March 13, 2006 - Port Lavaca, Texas
Witness Sees Three Triangular Shaped Objects Fly North & Then Disappear

March 13, 2006 - Kingman, Arizona
Woman Sees Object With Bunches of Lights on the Bottom

March 11, 2006 - Lynnwood, Washington
Woman Sees Bright White Object That Exhibited a Stop & Move Pattern

March 10, 2006 - Portland, Oregon
Woman Videotapes Strange Object - More Analysis Adds to Mystery  

March 9, 2006 - Marlow, Oklahoma
Low Hovering Metallic Orb Causes Localized Electrical & Phone Outages

March 7, 2006 - Elmwood Park, New Jersey
Man Sees Two Silver Objects in Daytime Sky Move Erratically

March 3, 2006 - Stryker, Ohio
Man Has Daytime Sighting of Silver Flying Disk

March 2, 2006 - Hofn, Iceland
Youths Take Photo of Unusual Object Hovering Over Harbor

March 1, 2006 - Buhl, Idaho
Mother & Daughter See Orange Lights Disappear & Reappear

March 1, 2006 - Jerome, Idaho
Woman Sees Several Erratic Moving Lights Over Western Horizon

February 24, 2006 - Altamonte Springs, Florida
Woman Sees Group of 4 Lights Rotating in Clockwise Pattern

February 24 - 25, 2006 - Wheatley, Ontario, Canada
Woman Sees UFO Descend and Enter Lake Erie

February 24, 2006 - Evansville, Indiana
Man Sees Round Metallic, Gray Object Floating in the Sky

February 19, 2006 - Gillam, Manitoba, Canada
Unknown Object Shows Up in Background of Photo Taken Near Dam

February 19, 2006 - Plymouth, Massachusetts
Woman Sees Light Move in Figure 8 Like Pattern.  Smaller Lights Also Seen

February 17, 2006 - Plymouth, Minnesota
Several Witnesses See Large Mysterious Light

February 16, 2006 - Clearwater, Florida
Four Medical Workers See Several Metallic Objects Flying Formation

February 14, 2006 - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Man Sees Jets Chase A Group of Several Orange Lights

February 12, 2006 - 30 Miles West of New Orleans, Louisiana
Couple Terrified by Close Encounter With Light on I-10. Photo Taken.  

February 10, 2006 - Norman, Oklahoma
Retired Law Enforcement Officer Sees Huge Triangle. Police Respond.  

February 10, 2006 - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Woman Sees Light Blinking in "Rows" Left to Right

February 9, 2006 - From Aircraft Between New York & Cleveland
Man Sees Strange Black Object While Flying on Airline

February 8, 2006 - Granite Falls, Washington
Youth Terrified by Close Encounter With Disk Shaped Craft

February 4, 2006 - Monroe, Washington
Man Sees Huge Blue Light in Sky

February 3, 2006 - Denham Springs, Louisiana
Woman Has Daytime Sighting of Long Cylindrical Object

February 3, 2006 - Location Unknown (Eastern U.S.)
Big "Arc of Lights" Swoop Down on Woman

January 31, 2006 - Anthony, Texas
Man Tapes Two Bright Objects Right Before Sunrise

January 24, 2006 - New York, New York
Man Says He Was Hit by Beam of a Light From Object

January 24, 2006 - Berryville, Arkansas
Woman Takes Several Photos of Bright Flashing Light in Early AM

January 24, 2006 - Stanwood, Washington
Woman Sees "V" Shaped Object Exhibit Erratic Movement

January 23, 2006 - Centralia, Washington
Woman Sees Cross Shaped Spinning Object - Dogs Became Very Excited

January 23, 2006 - North Richland Hills, Texas
Man Sees Four White Dots Flying in Diamond Shape

January 22, 2006 - Livingston, Montana
Man Sees 10 White Flickering Lights Moving Erratically Among Clouds

January 21, 2006 - San Antonio, Texas
Man Sights Football UFO in Late Afternoon Skies

January 20, 2006 - Hanover, Massachusetts
Several See Triangular Object Emitting Sparks, Then Disappear

January 18, 2006 - Currituck, North Carolina
Erratic Moving Ball of Light Emits Sparks

January 15, 2006 - El Sereno, California
Two Witnesses Sight Lights That Emitted "Humming" Noise

January 15, 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Man Sees Flash of Light & Then Experiences Time Loss

January 15, 2006 - Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Man Sees Bright White Light With Red Light on Bottom Moving Erratically

January 15, 2006 - Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada
Man Awakened by Upset Dog. Saw Pink Sky and Object Shoot Straight Up

January 10, 2006 - San Antonio, Texas
Man Sees Military Jets Chase After Oval Light Near Lackland AFB

January 9, 2006 - Malibu, California
Couple See Multicolored Light in "Stealth-Like" Shape

January 8, 2006 - Northport, New York
Man Sees Slow Moving Bright Light

January 7, 2006 - Lipan, Texas
Couple See Helicopter Pursue Rapidly Moving Light

January 7, 2006 - New Mexico (Between Deming & Lordsburg)
Two Witnesses Sight Object With Varying Shapes (Fish-Like to Cigar)

January 7, 2006 - Groves, Texas
Three Witnesses See 2 Objects Move Rapidly Across Sky in "Wave-Like" Pattern

January 1, 2006 - Arlington, Texas
Teens Shaken by Sighting of Object With Lights "Moving Side to Side"

January 1, 2006 - Spring Valley, California
Two Witnesses See Bright Red Object Move Slowly & Then Sped Off

Early, 2006 - Fort Worth, Texas
Tree Worker Notices Strange Anomaly on Roof of House