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Alabama Sighting Reports

UFO Sighting Investigative Reports

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Alabama UFO Sightings:

August 13, 2011 - Cherokee County, Alabama
Man Takes 4 Photos of Large Red Object That Traversed Sky in About 1 Minute.

September 6, 2010 - Ashville, Alabama
Low Flying Object With Blinking Lights Emits Lights Toward Ground

May 26, 2009 - Florence, Alabama
Man Sees Very Bright Slow Moving Light Abruptly Streak Away

May 1, 2009 - Midland City, Alabama
Three See Round Object With Several Lights Hovering Low in Sky

April 11, 2009 - Scottsboro, Alabama
Large Tan Colored Object Moves Rapidly Across Sky & Glistens in City Lights

March 20, 2009 - Rainsville, Alabama
Glowing Green Light Seen Descending Rapidly in Night Sky

April 22, 2007 - Northport, Alabama
Woman Sees Silver Sphere Follow Light Aircraft

March 9, 2007 - Headland, Alabama
Three Witness Huge Black Flying Object That Emitted "Deafening Sound"