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Sighting Reports Older than 1990


Read Note On Interpretation of Reports
Due to restricted resources many cases we receive are not analyzed. These reports are listed so that readers can see the mulitude of UFO reports received. We make every effort to analyze all reports, but resources only permit looking at a few cases we evaluate as more compelling. Unanalyzed reports are listed with the "time of occurrence" and are not linked to a report page.

1989 - Holland, Maastricht (The Netherlands)
Several People See Fast Moving Bright Light With Erratic Manueuvers

July, 1989 - Dallas, Texas
Woman Recalls Seeing Two "Dumbell Shaped" Objects in Daytime Sky

March 26, 1989 - Saugerties, New York
Woman Recalls "Conscious" Encounter With Grey Being in Her Bedroom

1985 - 1989 - Flight From Palm Springs, California to Portland, Oregon
Flight Attendant Recalls "Unearthly" Passengers on Aircraft

January 31, 1988 - Tok Junction, Alaska
Air Force Couple & Family Have Terrifying Encounter With Aerial Object

January 3, 1988 - Near New Britain, Pennsylvania
Pilot Recalls Close Encounter With "Unconventional Flying Object"

1987 - 25 Minutes Into an Airline Flight From Newark, NJ to Nashville, TN
Man Sights Spherical Shaped Object From Aircaft Window

September, 1987 - Fresno, California
Woman Sights Large Triangular Shaped Object. Later Finds 3 Marks on Her Forehead

June 20, 1987 - Near Cedar Point, Ontario, Canada
Pilot Recalls Chasing a Dull Silver Flying Saucer

1987 - San Ysidro, CA -
Another Copy of the MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document Surfaces

November 15, 1986 - Stonecliff, Ontario
Man Vividly Recalls Triangle Object Sighting

1985 and 1986 - West Houston, Texas
Woman Recalls Encounter With Intelligent "Hairy" Creatures

July, 1985 - Pinetop, Arizona (Received August 21, 2005)
Movie Producer Inadvertently Snaps Picture of UFO  

Fall, 1984 - Pilot Grove, Missouri (50 to 60 Miles East of Whiteman AFB)
Man Recalls Seeing Large Triangular Object Near Missile Silos

August, 1984 - Weston-Super-Mare, England
Man Snaps Photo of UFO While Walking Along Beach 

1984 - Abuja, Nigeria
Man Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Being That Emerged From Bright Light

1984 - Shaw Air Force Base (Near Sumter, South Carolina)
Air Force Serviceman Watches Flying Disk Turn on Side and Disappear
(Click Here to Play Audio of Witness Report)  

Spring or Summer, 1984 - Fort Hood Army Base, Texas
Veteran Recalls "Security Incident" Due to Unknown Aerial Event

Spring, 1984 - Sunnyside, Washington
Man Recalls Seeing Strange Object at the Age of 10

February or March, 1984 - Fern Ridge, Oregon
Woman Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Triangular Shaped Object

Summer, 1983 - Whiteman AFB, Missouri
Veteran Recalls UFO Encounter Over Buildings Housing Nuclear Weapons

May 13, 1983 - Catford, England
Woman Recalls She & Several Witnesses Saw Classic Flying Disk 

1982 - New Berlin, Wisconsin
Man Sees He Was Abducted by Reptilian Beings

December 28, 1981 - Williamstown, New Jersey
Witness Recalls "Intelligent" Red Light That Hovered Over Child's Bed

1981 - Northern Washington State
Two Mountain Climbers Encounter Flying Triangle - Suffer Ill Effects

1981 - El Paso, Texas
Man Loses 45 Minutes of Time & Experiences Recurring Nightmares

October 31, 1980 - Ellensburg, Washington (Manastash Ridge - 8:30 - 9:30 PM)
Couple Terrified by Large Yellow Round Flying Object. Missing Time Ensued

1980 - Maquoketa, Iowa
Man Recalls Sighting Strange Light Above River Dam

Late Spring or Early Summer, 1980 - Hobart Mills, California
Woman Recalls Close Encounter With Hovering Flying Saucer

May 10, 1980 - Nashville, Tennessee
Police Officer Recalls Close Encounter With Flying Saucer With Lights on Edge

1979 - 32 Street Navy Base - San Diego, California
Navy Veteran Claims to Have Seen Debris From Roswell UFO Crash

Late 1970s - Moultrie, Georgia
Man Vividly Recalls Being Frightened by Sighting of Object That Made Abrupt Turns

November, 1979 - Kaneohe, Hawaii
Man Has Close Encounter With Large Blue Sphere

September, 1977 - Barrow-in-Furness, England
Three Witnesses See Strange "Anvil-Shaped" Object in Morning Sky

1976 or 1977 - Cincinnati, Ohio
UFO Taped on Nationally Broadcast Baseball Game

Fall, 1977 - New England (Location Not Disclosed to Protect Anonymity of Witness)
Woman Recounts Terrifying Abduction Experience

July 5, 1977 - Pasco, Washington
Large Red Sphere Hovers in Day Sky & Then Speeds Away

July 4, 1977 - Toppenish, Washington
Woman Has Close Encounter With Flying Saucer - Sees People on Board

1977 - London, England
Woman Claims Encounter With Two Aliens When UFO Landed In Woods

July 11, 1976 - Marinette, Wisconsin
Witness Sees Round Craft Hovering About 500 Yards Away

February, 1976 - NORAD Radar Station Near Fort Yukon, Alaska
Radar Technician Takes Photo of Oval Light That Buzzed Airport

1975 - Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Jaws Movie Clips Reveal Strange Aerial Objects

October, 1974 - Island of Guam
Navy Veteran Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Object

Sep., 1974 - (Reported March 30, 2005) - Phoenix, Arizona
Man Experiences 5 hours of Missing Time & is Teleported 200 Miles

June, 1974 - La Belle, Florida
Police Officer Recalls Sighting of Orange Object That Changed Color & Shape

1974 - Corpus Christi, Texas
14 Year Old Sees "Green Glowing" Entity at End of Nearby Jetty

1974 - 15 Miles Off of Guam
Navy Veteran Recalls Unidentified Submerged Object

December, 1973 (Reported April 9, 2005) - Baldwin, New York
Woman Terrified by Close Encounter With Large Object

September, 1973 - Newquay, Devon, England
Man Takes Photo While on Duty in British Military  

August, 1973 - Ocean Shores, WA -
UFO Appears With Meteor  - Four Witnessed Sighting  

May, 1973 - Foreston, Minnesota
Man Has Encounter With Orange Ball of Light. Has 2 Hours of Missing Time

January 3, 1973 - (Reported March 28, 2005) - Near Coos Bay, Oregon
Veteran and His Wife Encounter Craft Hovering Near Ground

1973 - New Gloucester, Maine
Man Recalls Terrifying Abduction Experience. He Sustained Physical Injury

1973 - Brookfield, Wisconsin
Man Says He Was Taken Aboard Craft  

May, 1972 - Cotton Valley, Louisiana
Woman & 2 Kids Encounter Disk Shaped Object. Lose 2 Hours of Time

November or December, 1971 - Near Nuclear Power Plant - Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Man Sees Red Light Join Pinwheel Object Over Plant. Objects Then Disappeared.

August, 1971 - Federal Way, Washington
Man Recalls Seeing Disk Shaped Object Following 747 Jet

June, 1971 (Reported February 25, 2005)
Couple See Large Erratic Moving Object Near British Virgin Islands

Late 1960s or Early 1970s - Remote Area Near Medford, Oregon
Woman Finds Old Photos of Unknown Objects. Photos Were Taken by Stepmother.

Mar., 1970 - Unknown Location -
Photos of Entities From X Files

Aug. - Sep., 1969 - 8 Miles NE Sandpoint, Idaho -
UFO Hovers Over Driveway Near Sandpoint,ID

July 9, 1969 - Adams, Massachusetts
Woman Recalls Close Encounter With Flying Saucer

Summer, 1969 - Wheatley, Ontario, Canada
Woman's Mother See's Object Enter Water & Then Leave Water 10 Minutes Later

1969 - Hoquiam River - Western Washington State
Man Recalls Seeing Black Ball Descend From Clouds & Land

Nov., 1968 - Allied Gardens, CA -
UFO With Lighted Windows Sighted

June 28, 1968 - Towson, Maryland
Witness Recalls Huge Craft of Metallic Color That Hovered Low Over Ground

May, 1968 - Western Pacific Ocean
Crew Sight Several UFOs Aboard U.S.S. Stone County Naval Ship

March 22, 1967 - Climax, Colorado
Field Technician Snaps Photo of UFO Near Weather Station

October, 1966 - New Boston, Michigan
After 40 Years Woman Vividly Recalls Terrifying UFO Encounter

Summer, 1966 - (Reported March 27, 2005) - Halifax, Nova Scotia
Three Boys Sight Hovering Doughnut Shaped Object

June 24, 1966 - North Hollywood, California
Man Recalls Terrifying Encounter With Low Flying Rectangular Object

April, 1996 - Fort Bliss Army Base (Near El Paso, Texas)
Veteran Recalls Seeing Large Object Ascend From Middle of Army Base

1969 - Hoquiam River - Western Washington State
Man Recalls Seeing Black Ball Descend From Clouds & Land

December 9, 1965 - Grand Island, New York
Flaming Green and Yellowish Object Seen Moving to the South

Nov., 1965 - Lake City, WA -
Egg Shaped Craft Lands Near Family Home

October 17, 1965 - LaJolla, California
Mechanical Engineer Recalls Sighting 4 Flying Saucers.

March, 1964 - Westchester, Illinois
Man Recalls Incident of "Missing Time" as a Young Boy

Mid 1960s - Gulf of Mexico
Large Glowing UFO Buzzes Aircraft Carrier.
Object Spotted on Radar. Jets Scrambled.  

Sep.- Oct, 1963 - Unknown Location
Did Pres. John Kennedy Observe a Flying Saucer at a Secret Airbase?

1962 or 1963 - Bellevue, Washington 
Man Sees Huge Reddish-Orange Ball Hovering Over Department Store

Summer, 1962 - Seattle, Washington  (Received April 17, 2005)
Man and His Father See 8 to 12 "Hovering" Objects At World's Fair

Oct. 4, 1957 - (Reported March 29, 2005) - 13 Miles SE of London, England
Large Light Shows Up on Same Day Earth's First Satellite Launched

1957 - Tooele Desert, Utah
Woman Recalls Close Encounter With Bright Light While on Camping Trip

Summer, 1956 - St. John New Brunswick, Canada
Man Recalls Strange Light in the Sky on a "Near" Full Moon Night

Summer, 1955 - Eulonia, Georgia
Two Young Girls Have Close Encounter With Large Flying Saucer

1947 - Maple Valley, Washington
Father & 2 Daughters Claim to Have Been Adbucted From Car While Investigating Lights

1947 - Wright-Patterson Field - Dayton, Ohio
Man's Father Photographs Alien Beings

July 9, 1947 - Ft Worth, TX (Carswell AFB)
Another Witness? - Roswell Debris

July, 1947 - Roswell, New Mexico
Woman's Father Sees Crashed Saucer Debris Recovered by Rancher 

July, 1947 - Walcott, Arkansas
Man Recalls Seeing Flying Silver Disk While Squirrel Hunting With His Father

Late Mar., 1946 - Henderson, Texas
Woman and Husband Terrified by Close Encounter With Hovering Craft