10 to 15 Silent Red Orbs Half Moon Formation.

Location of Sighting: Mt Morris, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: December 17, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8 PM EST

Description: There is no way what we saw along with my family were C-130s. My sighting was over Mt Morris PA on 12/17/17. What we saw were 10 to 15 red orbs. The orbs were in like a half moon formation with no sound and were almost hovering. Sorry C130s don’t hover the last time I checked! A pair of the orbs almost touched the ground then went in almost in an oval shape formation! It was not a Jet or Bomber!

Response to Investigator Questions: The time of the sighting was approximately 8:00 PM EST. Sorry we didn’t get any pictures or video, but it definitely was not any airplanes or jets of any kind. Oh how I wish that I had snapped a few pictures! I definitely could draw though! The formation was massive! It was at least a mile in total and was moving west to east.

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of lines of red and white blinking lights seen in several states across the U.S. on Dec 9, 2017. The media has reported that the lights were sightings of C-17 and C-130 military aircraft performing maneuvers.

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  1. Barb G. says:

    It looks like more folks that saw these lights are not buying the C-130 hogwash the military is trying to suggest that anyone that happened to see these lights that is what they saw. The military never shut down their UFO investigations is what I think. They have classified most of it to keep the organizations like UFO’s Northwest from looking into some the reported sightings as well as what military pilots see. I would like to see some of their files. We might be surprised as to what is in it.

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