10 Objects Fly Rapidly & Make Rapid Course Corrections.

Location of Sighting: Logan Utah
Date of Sighting: November 19, 2016
Time of Sighting: 09:30 PM MST

Description: We looked up at the night sky and saw what at first glance appeared to be a satellite moving south to north. In other words it was small (like a dim star in size and color), moving fairly fast across the sky. However, two things became quickly apparent: The object flickered much faster than a satellite, and there where many of them. We at first saw a bunch totalling around 10, not symmetrically spaced, all moving in the same direction and speed (although we can’t be certain of speed). This group was followed by ones and twos, and the entire procession lasted around 5 minutes. There were a few stragglers towards the end of our sighting. These observations were almost directly overhead. They were pretty fast, and I think I saw some make very rapid course corrections, but they were minor. The objects were silent, and had no color other than a pale star white. We called friends in Cache Valley (about 90 miles north), but they didn’t see anything. We are confident what we saw was some kind of technology (not meteors) and the direction was deliberate. There were no tails behind the objects. We tried to film with my phone, but either I was too nervous or just not phone savvy enough to see anything in the dark sky.

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