100 to 200 Multicolored Lights Move Below Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Everett, Washington
Date of Sighting: September 16, 2015
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM PDT



Description: We saw 100 to 200 lights. They were bright colors of blue, green, red and yellow. They were very bright and each light was an individual by itself. They made a long path miles long. We watched them come north then they turned west, went a long ways and then north again. They were so bright it looked like a flood light shining in them. They moved very gracefully and were just under the clouds. When they turned west they rose higher going in the clouds. The clouds were moving north and the lights were moving west so the wind had no effect. We tried to photograph, but the picture is nothing like what we saw. They were beautiful lights bright as stars. I enlarged some pictures to get some color to show. In the picture with the flag you can see the stream, but the stream was 5 or 6 times as wide as they appear in the picture. the lights pulsed sometimes with short pulses and long pulses, but nothing steady. I have never seen anything like it in my life. They went up and up higher in the sky to the stars. We know what we saw. They were not planes, drones or balloons. They moved slower than planes. We saw them for 20 minutes maybe 25. They were very bright with very pretty colors nothing like we have seen before. The pictures are nothing compared to what we saw. There were so many lights

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  1. robin brown says:

    I believe you! I have seen a white orb light that fell straight down from the sky and then shot back up into swirls and trails of the most amazing colors I have seen! It only lasted about a moment, but another person saw it too. Thank you for being brave enough to share this with us! I wish I had gotten to see those lights as they sound amazing!

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