16 Satellite-Like Objects Fly Rapidly NE.

Location of Sighting: Surprise, Arizona
Date of Sighting: April 15, 2020
Time of Sighting: 8:40 PM MST

Description: While walking out dogs, my wife and I looked up and saw what looked like a satellite moving fast in a Northeastern direction. Then we saw another one, and on and on. I counted 16 all travelling in the same direction, pretty close to exact. But I don’t know at what point in their formation we saw them so there could have been more. They were moving very fast, spaced I would estimate a mile or less apart. I didn’t have my phone, but when I got home I looked up on flight tracker and found nothing in this area like that before or after the time I saw them. I’m thinking they were military, but I am not sure. Did anyone else see them or know anything?

Note: This is another sighting of Star-Link satellites.

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4 Responses to 16 Satellite-Like Objects Fly Rapidly NE.

  1. James K. says:

    My son and I witnessed those same lights lat night shortly before 9 PM 19 April 2020 from Grants Pass, Oregon. As an ex naval fighter plane electrician I would have to say that these lights were in fact NOT military craft. The distance, no noise whatsoever and lighting even our military’s planes have a specific lighting arrangement and that is definitely not having a single bright white light. There were too many of them and they were too close together to be satellites. The lights also seemed to have just APPEARED out of nowhere in the western sky and continued in formation in a northeastern flight path. We counted at least 13 of them. Our cell phones were not able to catch any significant video unfortunately. I am grateful to have not been the only ones to view them.

  2. Anthony says:

    I saw the same thing tonight! It was very amazing, very fast and there were also at least 10 others flying with approximate speed and direction.

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