1950s – Dorchester, Massaschusetts – 9 PM Eastern

Description: Back in the 50’s one hot summer night in the Boston area I was trying to sleep. I had dragged my mattress into a round room with 3 large windows that 2 people could jump out at once when open. All the 3 windows were open. I was laying on the mattress looking out one of the windows when I noticed a large cluster of stars forming one large star. As I was peering at the formation I noticed a star that was in the middle begin to grow larger and larger. I jumped up and looked very closely at was was happening. The star grew to about silver dollar size in the night sky and stopped growing. It stood perfectly still for about what seemed like 2 minutes before shooting away at incredible speed. While it was there it made no noise that I could hear. It was the color of a fluorescent light. It was the shape of a round coin being held up in the air. The next morning it was reported in the Boston newspaper that there were UFO’s sighted over the skies the night before. So my sighting was verified by the news report. I have never reported this before. This is my first time to report this matter. From this sighting I had become a firm believer that we have been visited by aliens.

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