1957 – Farmington, Oregon

Description: To whom it may concern: – Feb. 21, 2013
I was speaking to my sister and she said that she and I were the only ones left in our family who witnessed what we believe to have been a UFO sighting. It was years ago in 1957, I was 7 years old and my siblings were home alone living in the rural area of Farmington, OR My oldest sister was 17 at the time. She was washing the dishes and my other sister was in the bedroom when she happened to look outside. She began to holler that there was something in the sky. Peggy (the oldest) was getting pertnrbed at her because she didn’t understand what it was that JoAnn was making such a fuss about. We younger ones were outside playing. Peggy came running out pointing at the horizon, at an object that seemed to hover over the next farm’s huge oak tree. It looked like it was a huge sun, but we could see silhouettes inside. To my recollection, there was a man, a woman and a dog. (I know that sounds weird.) Peggy ran to the next farm (which I believe was about 1/8 if a mile away). The object got smaller and smaller as it was departing towards the horizon. No one was home next door except the deaf and mute person. When our parents came home we told them about it and they said we were crazy. I was told that there was an article in the newspaper where a deputy sheriff said that he was picked up by a UFO and released. My dad said that they put him in a crazy house and that is what they would do to us if we told people about it. Years later I went to the downtown library to try and check the 1957 newspaper, but I didn’t find any articles as such. Over the years I would ask my siblings to re-tell what they saw. It was always the same, except my brother ended up denying it. I know what I saw. There were five of us kids. Three of them are gone now. I would love to  know ­if anybody else saw anything similar that summer evening. Two years ago I was in Stanton, Az. In the desert hills camping in a trailer. It was night, and I went outside to call my sister Peggy. I talked to her for a long time and suddenly I saw these red lights. They looked like they may have been on a pole such as you would see distance wise as street traffic lights. They were only red though and they blinked. I remember mentioning that to her. It was near 11:30 PM. I didn’t think too much about it, but the next day I took off on the four wheeler and I thought about those lights. I looked to see if there were poles in that direction that would hold those lights. There were no poles. It made me wonder.


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  1. Barbara G says:

    The “sun object” made no noise at all. I forgot to mention that.

  2. Barbara G says:

    What you probably saw was what the South American Indians (the Incas) saw at least 1,000 years ago. They called them sun ships in their language. It is the same thing I saw when I was a kid in 1949 in California. We had visited my aunt and uncle in Citrus Heights, California. There used to be big hay fields in that area. The place didn’t have many homes and the ones that were there were spaced a good distance apart. This ship looked exactly like a small sun except it gave off no heat, it was only about 5 or 6 hundred feet off the ground, it had a slip stream and was in slow flight. I didn’t know all of that at the time. We watched it make a slow turn to the left over a house and kept going until it disappeared in the distance. This was a Sunday and there was no traffic on the country roads. All of the hay fields are gone now and there is nothing but houses as far a the eye can see. This is what started me looking into the UFO sightings. So far I have never seen or heard of anyone seeing one like mine or yours. I don’t think they send their ships here out in the open anymore because they know we can shoot them down. Oh and it was late afternoon and the sun had just dropped behind one of the low rolling hills. This sun ship was in plain view for anyone to see and it was being flown by someone. This country didn’t have the technology in 1949 to build anything like this, nor do they have the technology now. It came from somewhere. I believe whoever they are send in small probes to keep a eye on us.

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