1968 – Desert Knolls, California

Description: I was just curious about something that I remember from 1968. I know the year because my mother was pregnant and later the baby died and my mother was at Loma Linda hospital for months and almost didn’t make it. Anyway I was 3 and remember like it happened yesterday. My mom and dad and I were in the station wagon. First let me say we lived on Arcadia Court in Desert Knolls (Apple Valley) California. I don’t remember where we were coming from, but as soon as we turned onto the road before Arcadia Court there was a huge orange ball of light sitting right on the road. My mom was asking: What is that and my dad stopped the car and they were discussing it back and forth. I was standing behind their seats seeing what was going on. My dad started to approach it with car slowly, but when we got close it just lifted and then went away. As a young child I could describe it as being the sun sitting on the road. The size was almost as wide and high as the road. It had no definition and all you could see was orange light that looked like it would be hot. But that is it. I don’t ever remember my parents bringing this up again. My parents are gone now. I wish I would have brought this up while they were alive. Not to prove what I saw because I know what I saw, but just to see what their thoughts were. Are there any other reports like this?

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