1968 or 1969 – Pearl City, Hawaii – Daytime


This Case Was Investigated by Bradford Evans. His Report Follows:
Date of Sightings: 1968 or ’69, possibly late spring or early fall
Time of Sighting: daytime
Location of Sighting: Pearl City, Hawaii

The Event as described by Primary Witness: The witness was a child at the time, living in Pearl City across from the Naval Base where her father was stationed. She recalled seeing an orange orb in the sky with a ring around it. Some people apparently thought it was Saturn; however, she knew that it wasn’t Saturn because then “they would be dead.” She said that the orb descended, eventually covering the entire neighborhood. She noted that there were multiple witnesses, both adults and children, and all were in a state of panic. One man, she said, dropped to his knees in tears, and the shore patrol told everyone to go inside. She also recalled her older brother retrieving her father’s gun, which her brother confirmed to UFOs NW. The next day everything returned to normal, and they never talked about it again. The witness said that since recalling this event last spring she has felt very anxious and worried, particularly about tidal waves and earthquakes, especially in light of the Japanese earthquake.

Secondary Witness Report: The witness’s brother was 13 at the time. He described the event as a “big explosion in the sky.” They were told it was a “weather balloon,” and he described it as a big gas cloud, the “weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” At first it had a worm-like shape, but as it spread out it lost its shape. He described it as initially orange in color becoming green over time. He said that it didn’t move, and he compared it to the Northern Lights. He said that it lasted two days and covered a “big chunk of the sky” (larger than the hand held at arms length). He said that it scared a lot of people, and he recalled the kids talking about it at school.

Investigator Comment: Both witnesses came across as sincere. The primary witness’ objectivity is likely colored by the fact that she was quite young at the time of the event. However, the story in its essence — including the large scale of the event and the panic induced in the community — was confirmed by her older brother.

Update – Feb 12, 2016, We Received a Comment From Another Person Who Likely Witnessed This Event: I was looking for an incident I witnessed in Pearl City, Hawaii and was shocked to see it listed on your site. It was between 1968 and 1970 and a “weather balloon” exploded they told us. My recollection is identical to the two witnesses you already have. Every time I see a picture of Saturn, I think of those 2 days. It was very scary. I was around 13 years old myself. I was the same age as the brother of your witness. I’m sure they must have been friends of mine or schoolmates because I remember seeing a man on his knees crying. It took hours for us to find out it was a weather balloon.

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