1974 – Quincy, Missouri – Around 3 AM CDT

Description: My mother and I experienced an encounter in Quincy, Missouri around 1974. It was in the middle of the night and everyone was asleep. I slept in the back bedroom with my brothers. My bed was under the window where you could see our 3 calves. I awoke to the calves crying. I heard this humming noise. I tried to get up to see what it was, but I was pinned to the bed. It felt like a pressure holding me down. I couldn’t even speak and the humming went away after a couple minutes. My mother was awoken by the humming. She said that she could not move nor did she even attempt to. My mother heard our dog pinned up against the front door. We never told anyone because they would laugh at us, but we discussed it twice now since then. The next day our calves were fine and so was our dog. We on the other hand were still in disbelief. Around the 1970s we remember that there was a lot of activity in the sky.

Note: The witness is correct that there was a lot of UFO activity in 1970s. The early and mid 1970s were rich with close encounters, humanoid encounters, and flying disk sightings.

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  1. Sheila Wise says:

    I live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and one morning while riding my bike on the road in front of my house which is surrounded by pine trees and Choctawachee Bay to the north, I looked up and just behind the tops of the pine trees were 2 vessels traveling one behind the other, approximately 75 feet long each, identical and in the shape of a tylenol capsule. Each was completely void of windows and appeared to be traveling approximately 45 mph and although I had a camera with me, I could not take a shot as I was on my bike and the trees were blocking most of the time. I did get a very good eye view in an opening of trees and believed them to be carrying cargo as there were no windows. I later saw a video of a woman in Tennessee who described seeing the same thing. Perhaps the same ones or perhaps there are more than those two I saw flying around. I would assume they are able to become invisible as they were headed south, which if they continued in the direction they were going, would have put them over a very public beach and the Gulf of Mexico. I do believe they would have been witnessed by many others. Maybe they were witnessed, but really who do you report such a sighting to? The local police who cannot do anything or probably wouldn’t even believe I was telling the truth as it is such an incredible story! But, it did happen. My husband and I have also seen a couple UFOs at the pier in Gulf Breeze where Ed Walters claims to have seen UFOs and was abducted according to him. Around the same time as the sighting of the capsules, my husband and I experienced a paranormal happening with a raccoon ending up in our very well sealed and enclosed garbage can! There was no way the raccoon could have gotten into the can without beaming in or some other paranormal means. Perhaps it wasn’t a raccoon, but our eyes saw a raccoon. I took a picture of it and the picture showed a raccoon also.

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